Cocoa Infield Drag Mats & Turf Drag Mats



  Walkable Sizes For A Quick Pre-Game Pro Finish
  Larger Sizes For Finishing Full Infield Skins | Pull With Gator Or Tractor
  Breaks Up Core Aeration Plugs On Outfield Turf & Mixes In Top Dressing
  Cocoa Fibers “Float” On Surfaces For a Great Finish & Less Build Up
  NOW Includes A Steel Leveling Drag Bar | Cuts Down Hi Spots & Large Chunks 

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Coach JP Review IconDo You Only Use Steel Drag Mats?
Check Out These Cocoa Drag Mats For Infield & Outfield!

We all use various sizes of steel drag mats but as you know, they do have some downsides. Cocoa drag mats are really great investments that many teams don’t use. My guess is that most feel that it duplicates what a steel drag can do.

Whether you simply need a quick way to finish your daily tasks by walking your baselines or want to hook up your gator/tractor to groom an entire softball infield, these natural fiber cocoa drags “float” across the surface producing a beautiful finish with minimal movement and buildup of your infield mix.

Unlike steel drag mats, cocoa drag mats drastically reduce the accumulation of dirt when you’re finished!
This is huge when you consider how much dirt is built up in the wrong spots after a full season of daily grooming.

How About Tougher Drag Mat Tasks Like Breaking Up Core Aeration Plugs In Your Outfield Turf?

Though cocoa drag mats are great for moving, mixing & introducing materials into your turf or infield mix, you can take on heavier chores by adding our optional steel leveler bar. It attaches to any type of our 6 ft. wide drag mats. Great for reducing high spots, filling in low spots, AND breaking up core aeration plugs and for introducing larger quantities of top dressing too!

Our natural fiber cocoa mats “float” across surfaces to provide a highly professional finish without displacing much of the soil or topdressing!
Find the budget when you can. They are not a luxury and will save you one more of those once-a-year fixes from infield lip build-up… and will quickly improve your pre-game look too!

Our cocoa drag mats are a good product you will use a lot!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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