Bulldog Jr. Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine | Now Ships Free!

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Need Baseball, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

Bulldog Jr. Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine

 Easily Adjusts Fastballs From 30-60 MPH
  Throws Baseballs & Softballs (11″ & 12″)
  Strong ¼ HP Motor For Quicker Recovery
 Reversible Legs For BB & SB Heights


Coach JP Review Icon
A Single Wheel Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine!

This Bulldog single wheel baseball and softball pitching machine is perfect for those who have both baseball and fastpitch players needing to see pitches… this model is great for its low price too!
It is a strong but plain vanilla single wheel pitching machine that’s good enough to carry a strong warranty (though we’ve had a return for any reason)!
The optional auto ball feeder fits baseball and softballs if you have or are a solo player.

Our Most Inexpensive Combo Single Wheel Pitching Machine

You can call it an entry-level pitching machine but it has enough history & built-in quality that we can offer it with confidence. I especially like it as a backyard pitching machine or as an extra team use model and for those on a budget who are not comfortable with an inexpensive backyard pitching machine.


Important Features You Will Want To Know

  • It has a ¼ horsepower motor – strong enough
  • Adjustable speeds from 30-60 mph from full pitching distance (well over 70 mph reaction time at 40 ft!)
  • Includes a no-maintenance urethane rubber pitching machine wheel – built for this pitching machine
  • Pitches regulation leather or dimple softballs – 11” & 12” softballs & includes lower softball legs


Need A Combo Auto Ball Feeder For This Combo Pitching Machine?

Auto Ball Feeder

Bata Baseball & Softball Auto Feeder Close Up

There are not many combo auto ball feeders and this is the best I have found. It is our BATA Ball Feeder that will throw either
20 baseballs or 15 softballs and works best with dimple balls but will throw leather as well. We even include a cordless remote!
(shipping will be added to this product.)


Auto Ball Feeder Co

BATA Auto Feeder Pitching Machine Cover  

The auto ball feeder cover fits exactly.



In Summary, If this is in your budget and a pro 2 wheel pitching machine is not… I’d be all over it!

Your players will simply get better by seeing thousands of more swings that they might not otherwise see!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park


Is It As Good As Our Pro 2 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machines?

Of course not! Our Bulldog Junior Single Wheel Combo Pitching Machine throws fastballs-only at an adjustable range of 30-60 MPH so does not have the ability to throw curves or any other off-speed pitch. It is made of solid materials and is not recommended as the primary single wheel for a high school or college baseball team or a baseball training facility. But as a secondary or medium use pitching machine, it’s a solid buy! Heavy applications need pro-quality tools, just like any heavy use business.

It will perform as advertised and matches up well with any of our Backyard Batting Cages or Pro-Style Batting Cages!

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