Bulldog 2 Wheel Pitching Machine | Baseball, Softball Or Combo

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Also Available for Bulldog 2

  Throws All-Big League Pitches | Variable From 30-102 MPH
  Throws Batting Practice, Pop-Ups & Ground Balls
  Uses Leather & Dimple Balls | Auto Feeder Prefers Dimples
  Long-Lasting Track Record, Especially For This Low Price!

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Coach JP Review GraphicFinally… A Reasonably Priced 2 Wheel Pitching Machine!

A 2 wheel pitching machine is everyone’s idea of an optimal pitching machine model.

It remains the workhorse of high school, college & pro 2 wheels pitching machine. The reason is that most throw all types of pitches at speeds of big-league pitchers and for that alone, they are a real baseball training tool. The problem is which one should you buy & how much should you spend for the privilege.

Too many people buy the one brand they have seen or heard of.

And frankly, many of those old models and brands just haven’t kept up with the newer models now built with lighter materials and computer-aided design. Old school models are just too bulky, too heavy, and come with an added difficulty of changing between pitch types; it’s just no fun and a bit aggravating at times. Rolling them on and off the field is even more of a hassle.

Plenty More Reasons To Consider This New Bulldog 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

It’s priced right, has all the modern features, and is only 95 lbs with transport wheels included for easy daily use. It sets up easier than some others, easily adjusts, and includes adult size handles that you don’t have to fight with. Even the main wheels are specially designed for baseball and not some wheelbarrow-type blow-up tire. It grips well and judging by the very few replacement wheels that we sell, they seem to last a very long time! I do recommend good pro-style machine pitch dimple balls with this model… the manufacturer feels it will give greater aim and control though of course, you can still use leather balls.

We have carried the Bulldog 2 wheel pitching machine models for enough seasons that I can tell you that we have had zero returns and even fewer complaints! So if you like the price and the idea of what a 2 wheel pitching machine does, I’d consider it a strong contender as your once in a lifetime purchase. I feel that this model will give years of exemplary service to all but the heaviest of team users!

I hope my comments have helped you decide!

coach JP with l screen

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A Baseball Pitching Machine – A Softball Pitching Machine – A Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine

You can choose a model for baseball, softball, or both sports. The Bulldog 2 wheel pitching machine includes a conversion kit that includes an extra set of legs (taller for baseball, shorter for softball). And an extra feed chute to accommodate both sizes of the ball; when ordered as a combination-sport model. There are simple bolt changes that will move the wheels into the appropriate position and you can change to use with both sports! The optional auto ball feeder that we offer serves both sports without downtime.

  • Our Lowest Price 2 Wheel Pitching Machine
  • Combo Model Includes Extra Legs & Feed Chute
  • Throws Batting Practice, Grounders & Fly Balls Too
  • Rolls On Transport Wheels – Just Plug In & Hit!
  • Optional Ball Feeder Accommodates Baseballs & Softballs

Warranty: 1 Year

Maximum Pitching Speed: 102
Pitch Interval: 6 seconds w/ optional auto feeder
Pitch Type: Fastballs, Sinker Balls, Rise Balls (softball), RH & LF Curveballs, RH & LH Sliders, Knuckle Balls, etc
Power Supply: 110V
Ball Capacity: N/A
Shipping: UPS, FEDEX
Sport Used: Softball and/or Baseball
Ball Feeder: Optional Auto Feeder w/cordless remote

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