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Batting Tee & Catch Nets For Teams, Schools & Backyard Baseball Training

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   Batting Tees From Good To Best – From Standard To Creative
   Catch Nets For Pro Use To Backyard Baseball Training
   No Junk – Our Price Indicates Quality, Features & Strength

Mater Pitch Iron mile Pitching MachineMade In USA2 Yr Pro Rated Warranty

Batting Tees & Catch Nets – Quality Options For Youth Baseball & Pro Batters!Coach JP Review Icon


The reality is that over a ballplayer’s years, he or she will likely hit more balls off a batting tee than off live pitching!

If you are a youth ballplayer, you will never be able to swing enough at practice. Your backyard, garage or basement will give you the swings you will never get otherwise. This means that you need a quality batting tee AND you will absolutely need a catch net unless you have a batting cage (and remember, you could not take your cage indoors during the long winter offseason anyway).

I can promise you this, every day you are not working on your game, your competition might be, so get ahead and don’t let anyone ever outwork you… It takes no extra skill to invest time into yourself…extra skill will result from those efforts,  one swing at a time!


Have a look at our offerings and make a good choice today! Remember, time is the one thing that you can not reproduce.

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