Batting Cage Backstop Net & Batting Cage Divider Net

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Checkbox Graphic  Batting Cage Backstop Net In Your Size
Checkbox Graphic  Batting Cage Dividers In 2 Strengths
Checkbox Graphic  All 1 3/4″ UV Protected Nylon Mesh Holes 
Checkbox Graphic  All Hung Square With Heavy Rope Borders

Made In USA Icon1 Yr. Warranty

Backstop Net & Batting Cage Dividers Are Not All The Same!Coach JP Review Graphic

Backstop Net & Batting Cage Divider Nets are typically made from nylon or polyethylene and available in various grades and qualities (usually shown in gauges – the higher the number, the thicker each mesh strand and the longer it lasts).

The buying decision should be based on what you are using it for, your budget, and what happens after seasons of weather & use!
That’s why we offer multiple grades of only high-quality virgin nylon and not just various sizes. Our lightest weights of this material is better than many carrying a higher grade… no junk here!

All of our nylon netting is fabricated by friends who have made these nets for us for many seasons. Measuring your length & width and buying on price alone… may not get you your money’s worth.

Some Misc. Worth Knowing

  • All are hung on the square (each mesh is a square not the less-ideal diamond)
  • All ship with heavy rope borders on all 4 sides
  • All are UV coated and offer protection from the suns rays
  • All are baseball nets with mesh holes of 1/3/4 inch


Backstops Made Simple

If you simply want to preserve the strike zone-area of your expensive batting cage net, choose your size and purchase the highest gauge you can budget. If you are looking for a net to create a batting station for tee or toss work or for other “impact” reasons, consider your size and focus on our heavier #42 gauge. Very heavy users might consider our #60

Remember, the gauge number gives you comparisons between net thicknesses and longevity but consider that all we offer is higher quality so thicker junk does not mean a better product. Our customers tend to be heavier users so our quality must reflect that!

Cage Net Dividers Made Simple

Batting Cage Dividers are simple net-rectangles with heavy hanging rope borders. They are designed to simply make better use of a batting cage by turning one work-area into two.
Typical batting cage lengths are 55’ or 70’ by 12’ high. For that reason, we offer standard batting cage dividers with one extra foot of net-height to help trap balls at ground level.

We offer these batting cage dividers in two strengths of nylon netting. Our #21 will do the job and our heavier #30 nylon is thicker so will add a few more seasons and offer better resistance to batted balls.

If you don’t see your size or strength, call us @ 800-487-9798 and we’ll make it.
I hope this explanation will help you make a better buying decision.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
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