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Batters Box Templates in Fixed & Adjustable Styles | For All Baseball & Softball Fields


  Our Most Versatile Batters Box Templates
  Use For Adult, Youth AND Softball Fields Too
  Galvanized Yet Lightweight Steel – lasts for years

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Here Are Excellent Choices of Batters Box Templates!Coach JP Review Graphic 

There are no “best” batters box templates… but there is one that you will want more than the others!

Our templates allow you to easily make clean batter’s boxes marks for all 3 popular batter’s box & field sizes:
3′ x 6′ (Youth/Little League) | 4′ x 6′ (Official Baseball) | 3′ x 7′ (Fastpitch Softball)

Choosing Your Batters Box Templates In 3 Styles

  1. Adjustable Batters Box Templates In 3 Sizes
    Benefits –
    This model is a great choice when you have multiple size fields that are close together (fits youth, softball & official baseball fields!)
  2. Fixed Size Batter Box Templates In Individual Sizes
    Benefits –
    This is the traditional style. Choose one of  3 sizes for your ballfield, line up the guides, trace around the 4 sides & add chalk
  3. Folding Batters Box Templates In 3 Sizes – click to find on this page
    Benefits – 
    Easier to carry. Just open, position the guides, and step on it to create a 2″ guide to add your chalk. Available in 3 sizes to fit your ballfield.

A Batters Box Template That’s Lightweight & Easy To Use – just outline, chalk & done

Position the home plate markers, outline the batters box template frame, then chalk. Whether yours is a pro field crew or the typical volunteer league organization, you just cannot get this wrong. Quick and easy is how these batter’s box templates perform.

The adjustable model features a pushpin that clicks into place for all 3 popular batters’ box sizes.

They are all built sturdy and will last many seasons. All have been fabricated of 1″ square galvanized steel so are solid and will resist rust while keeping their true shape.

I hope this helps you make an informed purchase!

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  • Material: 1″ Square Galvanized Steel
  • Weight: 20 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 Years