BATA Pitching Machine Cover & Auto Ball Feeder Cover

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Protect Your BATA Pitching Machine From Bad Weather

Designed to Fit All BATA Models

Auto Ball Feeder Designed For This Unit Only


Made in USA Icon2 yr Warranty Icon

Protect Your Bata Wheel Pitching Machines & Ball Feeders  JP Review Icon 

A pitching machine cover is just simple insurance for your expensive investment. The reality is that all pro brands of wheel pitching machines should last you for 10 years at very least. (yes, the cheaper stuff may not). Consider that you may even choose to sell or upgrade what you have someday. It just makes sense to consider keeping it in pristine looking shape as well (well-kept autos are worth more when you sell them… same with these tools too)!


Protecting The Vital Electronics & Moving Parts

The downside of wheel pitching machines are that the electronics, motors and speed controllers do not fare well when left in the elements. Sometimes you might prefer to leave your BATA set up in your outdoor batting cage so you don’t have to set it up just to take a few swings. Even in perfect weather, the sun beats down and over time. Any pitching machine will begin to look old with the rubber wheel beginning to show the effects as well. Bottom line is to add a simple wheel pitching machine cover. There really isn’t much more I can say about this. Just like anything else you own, you choose how to take care of it.

A Note About Size

small check markThe small size fits BATA 1, BATA 1 Curve & BATA 2
small check markThe large size fits BATA Twin Pitch, BATA 2Pitch 3 aka BATA 3


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