Bata B1 Curveball Pitching Machine For Baseball or Softball | USA-Made Combo

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Also Available for Bata 1 Curve Ball

Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

Curveball Pitching Machine

Throws Fastballs & RH/LH Curves & Sliders!
Easy-Change Between Pitch Types From 25 – 70 MPH
Flyballs, Groundballs, & Batting Practice
A Compact Portable 60 Lbs. – EZ Set-Up
Optional Auto Feeder & Cordless Remote PLUS Covers


Coach JP Review IconBata B1 The Best Machine I Have Found!

The Bata B1 curveball pitching machine is the most inexpensive way for the next level player to counteract the inability to hit the curveball or any other off-speed pitch. There are a few less-expensive baseball pitching machines that throw curveballs, on the market (our Heater Pro Curve youth baseball model is also good or for those on a budget).

This model impressed me years ago when I first demonstrated it. Season after season, I still have not found a better alternative for what it does so well!


Consider The Pitching Machine Transport Wheels

Bata 1 & Bata 1 Curve Pitching Machine Transport Wheels


Wheel pitching machines are all top-heavy so if you are moving your B1 Curve on and off the field or in and out of the cage frequently, you may want to invest in the simple transport wheels. Too many pitching machines stay in the shed because people think they are a hassle to move in and out
Taking a quick look at the photo here will give you an idea where it might be very handy for your uses.



Here Are The B1 Beneficial Highlights. See If It Makes sense to You:

  • A 25-70+ MPH Range – Great for all ages. Remember, 70 MPH at 46′ is a 91 MPH equivalent from the 60′ 6″ pitchers mound
  • Only 60 Tough Lbs. – Reasonably portable, USA-Made with a 10-year warranty
  •  RH & LH Fastballs, Curves & Sliders Too – No one outgrows this machine


Throws Leather & Dimple Balls – Optional auto feeder prefers dimple balls
The first & best single wheel pitching machine capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, & sliders from BOTH left-handed & right-handed “pitchers.” Light enough to truly be called portable, yet strong enough to run for years without maintenance. It’s a breakthrough training aid!

I hope my experience with pitching machines helps you to make your best decision!

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Warranty: 10 Year

Warranty Details: Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Maximum Speed: 70 MPH – Adjustable From 25 MPH – 70 MPH

Pitch Type: Fastball, Curveball, Sliders (RH & LH)

Power Supply: AC Plug-In

Sport Used: Softball or Baseball

Feeder: Optional Auto Feeder & Cordless Remote


The BATA 1 Curveball Pitching Machine (aka B1 Curve) has a unique Goodyear Rubber Soft-tread pitching wheel. The JUGS and some other off brands have pneumatic (air-filled) tires. Our soft-tread wheels are solid, with high tech die-cast flat-faced treads, molded onto a machined aluminum core. The JUGS type tire has a convex (rounded) pitching surface and is mounted on a standard stamped rim, like those used on trailers. The faster the JUGS wheel turns, the more convex it becomes, and perhaps less accurate.


BATA Pitching Machines are constructed of a welded solid steel plate. JUGS machines are constructed primarily of older style sand-castings. Solid steel is several times stronger than a sand-casting, therefore our baseball pitching machine is much lighter (in weight), yet at the same time stronger. BATA machines weigh about 25% less than JUGS machines… and we feel they are stronger!


All our BATA pitching machines have steel plates in front of and behind the pitching wheels. JUGS pitching wheels are fully exposed. We also have a heavy-duty steel plate in front of the motors to protect them from line-drives. Most other brands don’t.

Read How to Choose a Pitching Machine here

Weight60 lbs

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