Pitching Machine Auto Ball Feeder & Cordless Remote | 20 BB/15 SB

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

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   Our Best Auto Ball Feeder Fits Most Brands
   Height Adjusts For Baseball Or Softball
   Throws Dimple Balls or Game Balls
   Fits Most Brands Of Wheel Pitching Machines
   Feeds 20 Baseballs or 15 Softballs – no upcharge
   6 Sec. Interval Consistently – perfect for all hitters
   Use Leather or Dimple Balls – dimples work best
   110V Plug In – includes cordless remote control

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our Auto Ball Feeder – The Best Is Made In USA | Fits All Wheel Pitching Machines

There’s not an auto ball feeder for wheel-type pitching machines on the market today better than this one.
Frankly, there are very built for wheel pitching machines, even fewer that will work with most brands
Most are just ok, some others are as rickety as they look; after-thought items that are more hassle than worth… and still, they are all expensive too!

Leave it to BATA engineers to get this right. Use this one model of ball feeder accepts leather baseballs or softballs though dimple balls are recommended by the factory. Serving both sports is an unusual feature or one that generally carries an up-charge and a parts change-out.

We Include A Cordless Remote Control – Because We Are Coaches

Why would you ever choose to watch a player continue hacking away just because there are more balls in the tube?
I feel strongly about the additional safety & coaching feature that this offers not to mention that it may take 2-3 good swings after taking a bad swing; that alone is plenty reason to be able to stop on cue to help or correct a hitter.
You can now start & stop the ball delivery by clicking the simple key fob style cordless remote!

The BATA auto ball feeder height-adjustment is key to using it with other brands but do let us know your brand and model in the checkout comment box at the end of the checkout process.
Or.. call us toll-free at 800-487-7432 (10-7 EST Monday through Friday). We are here to help and actually have product knowledge.

I hope this has helped you with your decision!



Warranty 10 Year
Warranty Details
  • Pro-Rated Warranty
  • If a part of the machine is deemed to be defective, it will be replaced. If the defect occurs within the first YEAR, the part will be replaced free of charge. If the defect occurs after the first YEAR, the defective part will be replaced, and the value will be prorated on “wear-and-tear” parts. For example, if the machine is one year old, the defective part will be replaced at no charge. If the machine is 2 ½ years old, the part will be replaced at the prorated amount (1/2 the list price because 1/2 of the 5-YEAR warranty has been used up). Though made of best quality components, BATA only includes 1 yr pro-rated for commercial use. On all non-wear and tear” parts, the part will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

Note: You can use leather or dimpled balls in any of our BATA Pitching Machines. You can also use leather or dimpled balls in the auto feeder. You just have to accept the fact that if you are going to auto feed leather balls, you will have more hang-ups (because of the seams).

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