Bata 1 Baseball Or Softball Single Wheel Pitching Machine

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Also available for Bata 1

Need Baseballs, Softball or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

Throws Leather Balls Dimple Balls & Whiffle Balls

Velocity From 30 To 62+ MPH

Flyballs, Groundballs, & Batting Practice

Optional Auto Feeder & Cordless Remote

NOW! Free Shipping – YOU SAVE! 


A Workhorse Single Wheel Pitching Machine You Can Count On Season After Season


Many single wheel pitching machines are either too heavy or under-powered. This pro-style model is neither. It’s a great 1st machine, its also a great backup pitching machine for High school, College, or indoor training facilities that get a lot of use and where a simple fastball model is all that’s needed.

Very Portable – only 56 pounds

Great for backyard or machine pitch league – optional auto ball feeder

Available in baseball, softball, or baseball/softball combo models



If a single wheel pitching machine that’s pro-quality is all you need, the BATA 1 is as good a choice as could want.
I have offered and worked with this model and its previous models for the past 15 years and have had one return and no warranty claims (the return was the high school player’s dad who had to move up to a BATA 2 wheel pitching machine for its added velocity & ability to throw breaking balls).

The 62+ MPH fastball of the BATA 1 when placed at a 46 ft distance equated to an 81 MPH fastball from an official pitching mound distance of 60′ 6″.
The consistency is there as is its ability to throw both leather and dimple balls.
This model was improved a while back and now throws perfect fastballs up to 62 mph with pinpoint accuracy.

Best For:

  • Backyard Baseball Practice On A Budget
  • A 2nd Pitching Machine For A High School Team That Already Has A 2 Or 3 Wheel Model
  • Machine Pitch Baseball Leagues – (most leagues throw at 38-40+ MPH)


Bata 1 Softball
Bata 1 Softball Pitching Machine Backside View

Bata 1 Baseball
Bata 1 Baseball Pitching Machine | Rear View Close Up



So, the summary is:
It’s a dependable single wheel workhorse with low to no maintenance and is lightweight enough to truly be portable.

Easily fits in any car trunk & convenient to carry on and off a ballfield from your equipment storage shed.

For this reduced price AND FREE SHIPPING, its specs will beat most any competing brand.

I hope this helps you to make an informed buying decision!
coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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Additional BATA Single Wheel Pitching Machine Details

Warranty10 Year
Maximum Pitching SpeedVariable to 62 MPH
Pitch TypeFastballs
Power SupplyAC Plug-In
Auto Ball FeederOptional with Cordless Remote Control
Sport UsedSoftball or Baseball


Bata 1 Single Wheel Pitching Machine — Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does a BATA 1 go?
62 miles per hour (for both baseball and softball).
At what distance?
Miles per hour is the same regardless of distance. Reaction time is shortened by moving the machine closer to the batter. A 60 mph pitch from 40 feet is equivalent to a 90 mph pitch from 60 feet.
How do you adjust the speed?
The speed is electronically controlled. You simply adjust the speed by turning a dial.
How much does the machine weigh?
The main part of the machine (not including the legs) weighs only 42 pounds. The baseball legs weigh 14 pounds, the softball legs weigh 9 pounds.
Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. BATA machines are covered by a full 10-year factory warranty!
Can the machine throw grounders and fly balls?
It will throw fly balls. However, like all single wheel pitching machines, because of the backspin it puts on the ball, it is not as well suited for throwing grounders as a multi-wheel pitching machine,.
What kind of balls does it throw?
The BATA 1 single wheel pitching machine can throw real leather balls, dimpled balls, or whiffle balls.
How do you change the combo machine from baseball to softball?

There are three things to do. The entire process takes about 5 minutes.

  1. You must raise the friction plate (pad). It is held by two bolts.
  2. You must replace the baseball feed chute with the softball feed chute. It is held by two bolts. You may (optional) switch from the taller baseball legs to the shorter softball legs.

NOTE: Our machines fit both baseball and softball uses. You can order the conversion kits later

What pitches will The BATA 1 throw?
Fastballs only. The BATA 1 Curveball, BATA 2  or BATA 2 Pitch 3 Wheel models are designed for throwing different pitches.
Does it tear up leather balls?
All wheel-type pitching machines will tear up leather balls to some degree. How fast depends on the quality of the balls and the machine itself. The BATA 1 throws leather balls very well and is highly recommended for machine-pitch league games. Polyurethane pitching machine dimple balls are recommended for all other uses.
How many balls will the machine hold?
The pitching machines themselves do not hold any balls. Pitching machines either feed one ball at a time or use an automatic ball feeder. Our ball feeders hold either 20 baseballs or 15 softballs. The Combination Feeder can be set up to do either size (not both at the same time). Ball feeders feed balls at 5 second intervals, an ideal “wait time” between pitches.


Weight56 lbs

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