Bata 1 Curveball Pitching Machine For Baseball or Softball | USA-Made Combo


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Also Available for Bata 1 Curve Ball

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Throws Fastballs & RH/LH Curves & Sliders!

Easy-Change Between Pitch Types From 25 – 70 MPH

Flyballs, Groundballs, & Batting Practice

A Compact Portable 60 Lbs. – EZ Set-Up

Optional Auto Feeder & Cordless Remote PLUS Covers



The Best Curveball Pitching Machine I Have Found!
A curveball pitching machine is the most inexpensive way for the next level player to counteract the inability to hit the curveball or any other offspeed pitch. There are a few less-expensive curveball pitching machines on the market (our Heater Pro Curve youth baseball model is also good or for those on a budget). This model impressed me years ago when I first demonstrated it. Season after season, I still have not found a better alternative for what it does so well! Here are the beneficial highlights. See if it sounds like you:
A 25-70+ MPH Range - Great for all ages. Remember, 70 MPH at 46' is a 91 MPH equivalent from the 60' 6" pitchers mound Only 60 Tough Lbs. - Reasonably portable, USA-Made with a 10-year warranty  RH & LH Fastballs, Curves & Sliders Too - No one outgrows this machine Throws Leather & Dimple Balls - Optional auto feeder prefers dimple balls The first & best single wheel pitching machine capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, & sliders from BOTH left-handed & right-handed "pitchers." Light enough to truly be called portable, yet strong enough to run for years without maintenance. A breakthrough training aid! I hope my experience with pitching machines helps you to make your best decision! Coach JP Signature

Warranty10 Year
Warranty DetailsLimited Manufacturer's Warranty
Maximum Speed70 MPH - Adjustable From 25 MPH - 70 MPH
Pitch TypeFastball, Curveball, Sliders (RH & LH)
Power SupplyAC Plug-In
Sport UsedSoftball or Baseball
FeederOptional Auto Feeder & Cordless Remote


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Weight60 lbs