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Basic Rolling Outdoor Batting Cage | Budget Rolling Baseball Turtle

  • Basic Baseball Turtle Rolling Outdoor Batting Cage Front & Side Views
  • Basic Rolling Batting Cage Baseball Turtle In Front & Side Views
  • Basic Portable Batting Cage | Our Best Budget Rolling Batting Cage Baseball Turtle
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Availability: 99 in stock

Basic Rolling Outdoor Batting Cage

  Great Quality For Teams On A Budget
  Cannot Be Folded – That Saves You Money
  Oversize 18′ W x 12′ D x 12.5′ H – Fits Adult Players
  3 Wheels For Easy Transport – EZ Pull Drive Dolley

    5 Year Pro Rated Warranty

You Can’t Spend Less For A Good Rolling Outdoor Batting Practice Cage!
Our Basic Portable Rolling Batting Turtle Will Last Many Seasons Without Issue!
Our warranty says it all!
– Coach JP


Basic Portable Rolling Outdoor Batting CageCoach JP Review Graphic

The Basic Portable Rolling Outdoor Batting Cage is easy to assemble or disassemble and the rear wheel dolly makes it really easy to move & roll away.
This cage is built like our D1 Foldable Baseball Turtle and has the same features, with two exceptions: the Basic Portable Rolling Batting Cage model cannot be folded down and its dimensions are slightly different at 18′ W x 12′ D x 12.5′ H.
The lack of foldability and slightly different footprint are the only things that separate it from our D1 Foldable Baseball Turtle.

  • It’s Large Enough!
  • It’s Portable Enough!
  • It’s Inexpensive Enough For Tight Budgets!

We have carried this particular rolling outdoor batting cage for many seasons and have not had one issue or complaint! This alone says a lot about the unit itself. Considering that this is a product that lives outdoors and is used in all climates across the USA, the durability plus price should make this a contender for those baseball or fastpitch programs that need good and efficient… not expensive!

I cannot imagine any ballclub getting more for less investment!




Your Warranty5 Year
Warranty Details5 Year Frame, 2 Year Net Pro-Rated Manufacturer Warranty


Coaches Note On High Wind Conditions:
If you are a coach in an area notable for high wind conditions, think about rolling this batting practice turtle up against your backstop or at least a chainlink fence. Once positioned, either weave rope or have some good bungee cords close at hand where you can anchor it to your fence or other solid structure. You may have better solutions but considering the cost of these products, (and the ever-shrinking baseball budget), you will want to protect your investment! Nothing is 100% when it comes to mother nature but at least give it a fighting chance.

Weight500 lbs
Dimensions18 × 12 × 12.5 in

Warranty Details

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