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Unique Baseball & Softball Overhand / Underhand Pitchers Screen

  • Baseball Softball Overhand Underhand Pitching Screen Padded Model
  • 7' x 7' Underhand Overhand Pitching Screen For Baseball & Softball - No Padding Model
  • 7' x 7' Underhand Overhand Padded Pitching Screen For Baseball & Softball
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  2 Screens In 1 – Overhand, Underhand, Front Toss
  7′ x 7′ Adult Size Team Quality Steel Frame
  2 Sided Pro #60 Nylon Net – (easily replaceable)
  Optional Team Color Vinyl Covered Padding
  Ships Broken Down – (saves on shipping)
  Made In USA quality – (rustproof 15 gauge steel)

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What A Creative Pitchers Screen! It’s An L Screen | Fastpitch Screen | Front Toss Screen

This unique pitchers screen has become one of our most popular sellers. Considering that all baseball and softball programs seem to fight an ever-tightening budget, it makes sense to own a pitchers screen that you can use in so many ways! Its size is based on the same  7′ x 7′ footprint that you are used to but the mere shape opens up worlds of indoor and outdoor drill uses!

What I Like About This Pitchers Screen

The biggest thing I like about this particular pitchers screen is what I’ve written above.
But, the solid build and quality materials used really make it worth the investment; its designed to last you many seasons with minimal care and no real maintenance.

The frame is a quality Made In USA product built from 15 gauge galvanized steel then matched with our heavy duty #60 nylon net.

The slip-on net style gives you a double layer of strength. It is draped over the frame like a pillowcase and laced at the bottom so completely surrounds the footprint of the frame.

The optional team color padding has a very good price and quality and is highly recommended, especially when doing short toss or other close-up drills!

It was originally designed for both live baseball and fastpitch batting practice,
though baseball uses tend to be centered around live pitching (using the overhand L Screen-style with built-in hip protector) and then also using the indented fastpitch side from shorter ranges for underhand flip drills or as a toss station.

Just look at the pictures above and imagine its versatility! No matter what reason prompts you to purchase, you will surely learn to use it for more & new creative drills too!

I hope my thoughts have helped you to see its benefits 

All my best to you this season!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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Over/Under Combo Baseball & Softball Pitchers Screen Summary

  • Ideal Frame Size For Adult Uses & Portability (7′ x 7′)
  • Great For Live Pitching, Underhand & Flip Drills
  • Optional Team Color Padding Extends Net Life 
  • Double Pillowcase Style Replaceable #60 Weatherproof Net

Coaches Note:
Please review your own actions when throwing or tossing batting practice. Let’s not get lazy back there and leave our throwing side exposed!
We have all had close calls and worse & know that accidents can happen in this game, so it’s up to us to pay attention and stay awake over the hundreds & thousands of throws and hits!


Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details 2 yr. frame and 1 yr. prorated net warranty

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 in
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