Triple Play Basic 3 Wheel Pitching Machine & Optional Battery Pack | 85 MPH

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

3 Wheel Model For Accuracy & 30 To 80 MPH
   Throws Fastballs, Curves, Sliders & Sinkers
Fine Pitch Adjustments In 30 Seconds
    Optional External Rechargeable Battery Pack
Throws Leather Though Prefers Dimple Balls
   Includes Transport Wheels For Easy Transport
Solid Made-In-USA Construction


3 Wheel Pitching Machines Offer More Features & Ease Of Use!

Baseball pitching machines have more advantages than meets the eye! 
It’s taken me a long time to come around to this new style of wheel pitching machine; probably because 2 wheel machines have been around for so long and they seem to work just fine…and they do!
But, like your old computer & old flip phone, you quickly get really happy when you upgrade.

Although you can live without a 3 wheel pitching machine, wait until you use one!
It’s easier to switch between pitches & fine-tune too. There’s more accuracy and so much less wasted time and repositioning.

The design also allows batters to see the pitch all the way to the “release point” so it’s never out of sight…
a nice feature to help with a batter’s timing and a criticism of all wheel-type pitching machines.

About The External Battery Pack
What a nice feature if you are practicing where there is no power. This simple battery pack is all you need for 4 hours of batting practice. It even recharges itself so nothing else to buy or need. Just port it into your Triple Play and start hitting!

I hope my comments will help you decide your best option!



Have You Seen The 3 Wheel Triple Play Pro Model?

If you like this 3 wheel concept and have about another $1,000 for automating your pitch selection… check out the sister TriplePlay Pro Pitching Machine. Virtually the same guts but with a brand new digital control panel that controls speed plus push-button ease to pitch fastballs, curves, sliders, and sinkers. There’s even a Fastpitch Triple Play Pro Model For Softball that allows about every pitch you could want…  It’s A Great Buy!

Here’s Some Info From The Manufacturer About The Baseball Pitching Machine Advantage

Easier Visibility – The baseball is visible when it leaves the feeder’s hand until it’s pitched allowing the batter to “time” the pitches.

Greater Accuracy – Triple Play Basic’s 3 wheel pitching operation is more accurate than many 2 wheel models due to 3 points of grip on the ball.

Less Time Between Pitches – 3 wheel design requires much less movement of the throwing mechanism to produce different pitches so pitch changes take less time.

Versatile & Simple Transport – Triple Play Basic moves easily to & from the ballfield with its built-in transport wheels.

AC/DC Capability – No electrical outlet is not an issue with our Triple Play Basic. DC power means you won’t need a noisy generator. Plug in the optional battery pack & get 4 hours of continuous pitches. The External HD Battery Pack is complete with its own internal battery charger!

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