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Optional Wheel Kit

7′ H x 7′ W Team Model Pitching L Screen

 Our #1 Selling L Screen!
 Tough Rustproof Frame
  EZ Store Detachable Legs
  #42 Weather-Treated Net
  Optional Wheels For Solo Transport

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Here Is Our Most Popular Pitching L Screen!

This Baseball Pitching L Screen is our best-seller, likely due to all the ages and skill levels that it serves so well.
A 7′ x 7′ size is optimal for any age pitchers or hitters. At 3 1/2 ft x 3 1/2 ft, the cutout even works with younger players to adult BP pitchers of hitters.
The galvanized steel L screen frame is easy to put together and unlike many others in this price range, it doesn’t prematurely wobble or wear out.
The 17 gauge square tube frame is solid. It uses wedge fittings and bolts to secure it to the detachable legs, which is a nice feature for much easier storage.
It is solid, yet, the unit is still easier to move & adjust than most others of comparable size, though for optimal mobility, purchase the wheel kit that we now offer.
I know that you will find the wheel kit will extend the life of this baseball l screen, not to mention the added everyday ease of moving it on and off the field. It also makes it so much easier when adjusting for RH batters followed by LH batters.
Mostly used as a pitching L screen, it can also be used to protect a pitching machine and the person feeding it too. The double-sided heavy protective baseball netting will take the abuse and weather (always examine your net for any failure before using). UV protection does a good job of adding life to the treated net.

Here Is What I Like About This Particular Baseball
L Screen

The 7′ wide by 7′ tall size fits most adult coaches or players.
The frame is rustproof and plenty tough when taking direct hits so you should count on it to stay on the field for a lot of seasons.

The detachable legs leave just a nub protruding from the main-frame, which makes it much easier to store,
especially for those of you who store all your screens in parallel. (leg-ends always seem to get caught in the net of the neighboring screen).

The frames are made of square tube galvanized steel that’s strong without being too heavy for one pitcher/coach to make angle adjustments during BP.
This also means less bottom-of-frame-wobble common with most frames (though our wheel kit is still recommended).
It should not be as much of an issue If players are instructed to not allow the screen to slam when setting up or when transporting from the ball field!

How About The L Screen Wheel Kit?

I’ve never understood why so few coaches choose to add wheels to their field screens that are used so frequently!
Most screens are bulky in shape & size including this baseball L screen so the daily on and off-field task either takes two people or when using one, it gets dragged or dropped. This can easily loosen the area where l screen bottom meets the leg joint! This is the prime culprit for a wobbly baseball screen. Even with care, wheels are the better way to ensure that you will get more years out of your purchase and reduce any turf or infield damage.

In Summary

  • It has an adult size footprint of 7′H x 7′W with a 3.5′ x 3.5′ cutout
  • It has a heavier-duty rustproof frame that’s 1 ½” square galvanized steel
  • It has inexpensive detachable pushpin leg stems for easier storage
  • Its net is a slip-on style double strength net that’s twisted & knotted… and replaceable
  • It has an optional wheel kit for changing from LH to RH batters & simpler daily transport
  • It’s An Affordable Baseball Pitching L Screen You Will Want For Your Daily Batting Practice!

I hope my thoughts help you to make an educated decision!

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