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A Team Baseball Rebounder | A Tough Baseball PitchBack To Develop Quicker Hands & Feet

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Available on backorder

   Large 7′ x 7′ Frame – Use Both Sides
4 Angle Rebounder  0, 10, 20 & 30 Degrees
   Heavy 1.5″ Galvanized Steel Frame
Durable Weather Treated Netting
  Grounders, Liners & Fly Balls Too

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A Baseball Rebounder / Baseball Pitchback In Team Size & Team Quality

I have always wondered why I seldom see a baseball rebounder (aka baseball pitchback) on high school or college baseball practice fields.Coach JP Review Icon
Then I went to Georgia Tech and saw 4 of them set up side by side down the right-field line… this was 10 years ago yet still, I don’t as many as I would figure.

This Baseball Pitchback Makes A Fun Drill Station!

A baseball pitchback aka baseball rebounder breeds quickness & competition
And we know that ballplayers love competing…
Think about how many spirited games with side-by-side players competing 1 on 1 against each other that you can create; it really is a fun training tool that players will actually want to do!

A 2 Player Baseball PitchBack Station
With players standing side by side, I have used this baseball rebounder replicating a racquetball game, complete with that games’ scoring.
Instead of hitting into a wall, we throw into the baseball rebounder net. I’d even consider having elimination rounds between all of my infielders… or how about dividing your squad into two teams or how about… well, you get the idea… get creative and watch them improve!

A Solo Player Baseball PitchBack Station
As a solo defensive drill station, any player can improve ball transfers, glove positioning, beating the ball to a spot and of course, improving footwork.
Moving, anticipating, reacting… all winners when developing your infielders and catchers.  Placing a kneeling infielder at various distances, they can work on various learned skills of hand positioning, glove transfers and quickness training…simply by eliminating the lower half. Remember what we call infielders with slow hands and feet… Outfielders, who better hit! 

What I Like About A Baseball Rebounder

It’s so simple and really affordable, considering it’s a one-time purchase with no maintenance cost … it’s also really tough to wear out.
It’s an easy way to help multiple infielders get the quicks & work their hands, ball transfers, proper glove positioning, and footwork too… the side benefit is cardio work (don’t believe me? you go side by side with another infielder for 5 minutes and see then check your heart rate)!

It takes very little room, can be used indoors or outdoors & is one more simple way to keep players involved & improving… all without need for involving one of the few extra coaches that we have in this game!
This is a great way to accomplish a lot… Buy one baseball pitchback for your program… bet you might want more!

I hope you will consider my thoughts on this awesome baseball rebounder!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
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Dimensions7 × 7 in

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