Baseball Net | Backstop Netting & Golf Nets For Barriers & Ballparks

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Checkbox GraphicHelps Prevent Fans & Property From Injury or Damage

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Longer Lasting Nets Include Sun & UV Protection

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Call 800-487-7432 With Your Custom Size Needs

Made In USA Icon1 Yr. Warranty

Baseball Net & Barrier Net Materials Are Not All The Same!Coach JP Review Graphic

Whether you need baseball net to use as backstop netting behind home plate, barrier nets to keep balls out of the woods or protect fans or a span of golf net to protect your golf course home, know that all barrier netting will look good coming out of the box but too much is just cheap junk.

The true value is what happens after seasons of weather get to it. That’s why we offer various strengths but only the best material, and not just various sizes. If you literally measure your length and width then buy on price alone… you may be replacing before you would like and ultimately pay far more than our very reasonable prices.

Here’s Some Knowledge Before You Buy

The buying decision should be based on what you are using it for, your budget and what happens after years of weather & use!

These products are typically made from nylon or polyethylene and available in various grades and qualities (usually shown in gauges – the higher the number, the thicker each mesh strand and the longer it lasts).

We offer you multiple grades of high-quality, virgin nylon in various strengths and all common sizes. Our lightest gauges (aka strengths) of this material are better than many carrying a higher grade… no junk here!
All of our nylon netting is fabricated by friends who understand sports applications and have made these nets for us for many seasons. Measuring your length & width and buying on price alone… may not get you your moneys-worth.

Some Knowledge About Our Barrier Nets

• All are hung on the square (each mesh is a square not the less-ideal diamond)
• All ship with heavy rope borders on all 4 sides for a better install.
• All are UV coated and offer protection from the suns rays

How Large Are The Mesh Holes… and what’s hung square mean?

• All baseball nets have mesh holes of 1/3/4 inch
• All golf nets have mesh holes of 1 inch
• All hockey & lacrosse nets have mesh holes of 1 1/2 inch
• All soccer nets have mesh holes of 4 inch
Hung square refers to each of the net mesh “holes” looking like a series of squares. When all of these squares are built to become your net, it will have a defined shape of length and width. It’s easier on the eye for fans & players and the preferred way to hang any sports net

How About Visibility For Fans & Players?

I think that any gauge up through a #42 in a net that’s “hung square” is much easier to see through from up close or from a distance.

Human eyes just deal with the batting net squares easier than the diamond shape & when the gauge gets much thicker, it just messes with my eyesight & frankly becomes more than you need to budget. (Heavier gauge nets are more appropriate for hitting into).

I hope this has helped and that we can earn business!
Call us if you do not see your size. We can easily make it.


coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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