The Baseball Batting Tutor or Softball Batting Tutor With Hopper

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Need Baseballs, Softballs or Dimple Balls! Choose Here

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 Consistent Fastball Pitching Machine With Auto Feeder 
  120 Baseball or 70 Fastpitch Softball Models
  Fastballs From 30 to 60+ MPH
  Digital Speed Control – Manual or Auto Feed Settings
  Red-Yellow-Green Light System Helps Hitters Timing


A Unique 1 Wheel Pitching Machine With Hopper

A 1 wheel pitching machine with hopper (auto feeder) does NOT usually cost this much… or do this much!
I feel that the advantage of a built-in ball feeder (120 baseball-model or 70 softball model). AND a tough weather & damage resistant shell makes it well worth the money. This 1 Wheel Baseball Launcher Pitching Machine is even better for solo player use with no extra auto ball feeder to purchase & then attach as a separate unit (most of those units max out at 20 balls)!

The digital pitch speed selector & the auto or manual modes (optional remote control) make this a modern pitching machine that is perfect for backyard training or team training and especially productive for any player who works out on their own a great deal lot of the time! A 3-year factory warranty too!




The Batting Tutor features an innovative sound and light system designed to help batters time the pitches, as well as enhance safety. About two seconds prior to each pitch Batting Tutor will beep, which warns everybody near the machine that a pitch is coming. The hitter then sees a sequence of three lights just above the ball exit point that gives him visual cues comparable to seeing a live pitching motion: Red light blinks (the pitcher starts his motion), yellow light blinks (the pitcher winds up), green light blinks (the pitcher is about to release the ball), the ball is pitched.

Consider The Optional Remote Control

Tutor Pitching Machines Remote Control


The pitching mechanism is protected by a durable, all-weather, high-impact-plastic housing. The pitching machine wheel is completely protected from ball hits & the weather while also protecting player’s and coaches’ body parts too! No rust durable shell and a 3 yr factory warranty!

I hope my comments have helped you in your buying decision!
coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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Baseball Launcher Pitching Machine Model Specs

Type of Balls: Standard or Low Seam Leather Balls, Dimple or RIF Baseballs
Pitch Speed: 30 to 60 MPH Ball Capacity: 120 baseball model or 70 softball model.
Pitch Interval: 10 seconds Ball Exit Height: 48” above ground for baseball, 26” above ground for fastpitch
Dimensions 64” H x 19” W x 30” D Weight 126 pounds
Power 115V standard grounded outlet.

<td “>Baseball Model or Softball Model

Warranty 3 Year
Warranty Details Pro-Rated Factory Warranty
Maximum Pitching Speed 60+ MPH
Pitch Interval 10 seconds
Power Supply 115 Volt Standard Grounded Outlet
Ball Capacity BB Model 120, SB Model 70
Sport Used
Feeder Yes


Easy to Operate! Just load the hopper with up to 120 baseballs or 70 softballs, push the ON button, select your speed using the digital control, and push the AUTO button. You can also control pitch timing manually using the SINGLE PITCH feature, which is useful for giving batting tips between pitches. Pitch height is adjusted by turning the large knob at the back of the machine.
(Remember to select your preferred baseball or softball model – this machine does not adjust to both sports)

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