Our Good Pro Style Backyard Batting Cage Frame & Net | 70' L x 14' W x 12' H

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A complete durable 1  1/2″ steel frame | Free-standing so no holes to dig!

Just choose your length & add your choice of a matching net in standard or deluxe… all from this page.

EZ Install Too!
Warranty – 2 Yr. Net, 5 Yr. Frame (prorated)

lowest price guaranteed graphic2 Year Pro Rated Warranty5 Year Pro Rated Warranty

A Complete Pro-Style Backyard Batting Cage Frame & Net PackageCoach JP Review Graphic

The best backyard batting cage (aka hitting cage) we’ve offered! An excellent training purchase for a youth baseball or fastpitch team.

This is a very good choice if you have a solo player or a couple of players who would develop quicker & have a ton of fun with a backyard batting cage.
Also, if you have a youth baseball team that would take weekly batting practice in this cage, you are on the right track.

However, if your needs are for a primary batting cage for a JV or High School team that will hit in it every week for months at a time,
I’d look at our in-ground “better complete batting cage” instead. Our heavier duty batting cage frames are designed for heavier use
and will simply last many more seasons and in harsher outdoor conditions.

Why I Like Our Best Backyard Batting Cage

1st is the cost for this quality, full size & features. This is the least expensive pro-style batting cage we’ve offered.
2nd is what you get with this complete package.
The frame is solid enough and the nets we continue to offer have proven to be exceptional performers over the last 5 years
(no complaints of poor workmanship and no claims of premature failure!)
Add your choice of batting cage net to this frame and you can count on it all to install easily and keep its great shape.

 Durable 1 1/2″ Steel Frame Corners & Poles – EZ Assembly 
   Free Standing Frame – No Digging Holes – Indoor/Outdoor
   Easy Assembly – Includes All Net-Hanging Hardware  
   Choose Your Frame & Add A Net  – 3 Yr Frame Warranty
   UV & Weather-Treated Nets With Reinforced Corners

A Unique Hitting Cage With A Free Standing Frame

By free-standing, I mean that it is an above-ground batting cage and the ceiling pipe is all interconnected for added strength.
The trapezoid shape is wider at the bottom than at the ceiling height for added stability. Need more stability for high wind areas? Simply add your own end-lines with tent stakes
A notable quality of this system is that it requires no need for digging holes and then pouring concrete into those holes.

Is it as stable and windproof as our Deluxe Pro Style Batting Cage Frame or Complete Deluxe Frame & Net Packages?
No, most true pro batting cages use heavier pipe cemented directly into the ground or sunk in ground-sleeves.
Those cages are work tools for heavier users or for those who look to invest more.

Instead, the pole-legs sit on top of the ground, which also makes it easy to take down for any offseason, if you choose.
We include rubber leg-pole end caps which, for outdoor use, either keep dirt out of the pipe-legs or when installed on concrete or asphalt, will help to stabilize the structure. When used indoors, these rubber end caps will protect hard surfaces such as a gym floor, from damage.

Some Important Batting Cage Frame Sizing Notes 

Checkbox Graphic  A Pro-Style Batting Cage Frame Must Be Longer & Wider Than The Net (to preserve the integrity of the net)
Checkbox Graphic  A Standard Dimension Batting Cage Net Is 55 or 70 Ft. Long, 12 Ft. High And Either 12 or 14 Ft. Wide
Checkbox Graphic  Our 12 Ft. Wide Nets Are Matched With Our Narrower Model Frame That Is 17 – 18 Ft. Total Width
Checkbox Graphic  Our 14 Ft. Wide Nets Are Matched With Our Wider Model Frame That Is 18 – 20 Ft. Total Width
Checkbox Graphic  Our 55 or 70 Ft Long Batting Cage Frames Are actually 56 Ft Long Or 71 Ft Long

Some Important Batting Cage Net Notes 

Checkbox Graphic  Standard Nets Are Simply Net Rectangles In Your Choice Of Length & Width  
Checkbox Graphic  Deluxe Nets Include An Entry Door Door Near A Corner That’s Convenient To The Batter & An Extra “Baffle Net” That Preserves The #1 Wear Point             In Any Batting Cage Net (covering the strike-zone behind the batter).


My Summary

Buy the heaviest hitting cage net that’s in your budget and get paid back in the extra years of service you will receive and its resale value.
(Net strength is based on a number system; higher numbers are thicker net).
Our new #42 poly net strength is optimal and not much more cost than our very popular #36. Our #24 poly is superior to the very common #21.

Remember, that when you are not swinging, your competition might be.
So call me after 10,000 swings! You’re going to be a lot better ballplayer. It is a huge difference-maker!
This particular backyard batting cage system will install much easier than most, will give you many years of good service, and do it for less money than many alternatives.
It will keep its shape and should retain at least 50% of its value down the road.


These are my honest thoughts, I hope they help you to make your best decision!

coach JP with l screen

Coach JP Signature

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