Our All Steel Double Handle Baseball Tamp & Optional Cover

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All Steel Baseball Tamp with Double Handles & Leather Cover Option

  48″ Long Handle For Greater Leverage
  Large Surface Covers A 12-Inch Square Area
  Double Handle For Increased Compaction
  Steel Plate & Handle Won’t Easily Break

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An All Baseball Tamp & Optional Heavy CoverCoach JP Review Graphic

This baseball tamp features a double handle and a large base that makes quick work for mound prep
or for quick repairs.
With a 48″ steel handle and half-inch thick steel plate base, this tamp has great packing power for any dirt areas,
especially used around home plate and your pitcher’s mound. 
Keeps Your Batters Box & Mound Opening-Day Ready!

What I Like About This Particular Product

I have always found that the typical single stick handled baseball tamp was tough for me to muster enough packing power so it takes me longer to pack mound & home plate clay.
Check out the double loop handle on this rugged all-steel model. It’s just easier to use so I now have more control by using both hands more efficiently. Being that it is all-steel, it shouldn’t easily break!

Though the optional cover is a bit expensive, I do recommend the cover if you have the extra budget. It’s especially helpful if you tend to really fight with wet clay that you repair on a daily basis. This cover will reduce the amount of wet clay that sticks to all baseball tamps! I have tried to price this combo with at least a small savings.

I hope this helps you!

coach Jp In syracuse AAA park
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Warranty 2 Year
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