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A Permanent Mount Baseball Bat Rack Solves A Daily Problem & Ships Free!

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       Permanent Dugout Baseball Bat Rack

  A Tough Permanent Dugout Solution
  Rustproof  Steel & Resists Vandals
  Holds Up To 14 Bats Of Any Length

 Lowest Price Guaranteed!   2 Yr Pro Rated Warranty       

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Coach JP Review IconA Baseball Bat Rack That All Your Leagues Or Tournament Teams Will Use

A baseball bat rack that is clipped to a fence is not the best way to handle the needs of every team that uses your dugouts.

Having nothing leaves each team to bring a portable solution and frankly, most don’t and those who do can count on some bats still being strewn in an already cramped dugout space.

While built-in wood bat cabinets are nice for some, they are generally costly to buy and ship or are made locally at either a higher cost or a compromise in design and likely won’t last as many seasons as you would hope.


Here’s A Permanent Solution That Holds A Team Full Of Player’s Bats

This rustproof baseball bat rack is a dugout solution holds 14 bats & mounts to your dugout floor or you can pour a small inexpensive sacrete pad (for dirt floor dugouts) and solve one of those everyday ballpark problems.

This permanent mount bat rack handles a team worth of bats and easily keeps them tucked away in a convenient corner It is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel that will last for years and remain secured against theft and most vandalism. It’s an ideal size that measures a compact but practical 35″ H x 25.5″ W x 6″ D & weighs: 33 lbs.


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