Our Travel Ball Catch Net | A 90 Second Baseball Screen | Ships Free!

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  Large Yet Sets Up In 90 Seconds
  8 Pc. Steel Frame Snaps Together
  Lightweight Yet Sturdy & Durable 
  No Attachments Or Hardware 

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

2 Year Pro Rated Warranty  

A Travel Ball Catch Net You Want To OwnCoach JP Review Graphic

A catch net for travel baseball that’s a good alternative to those flexible frame travel baseball nets that you’ve seen and likely struggled with…lol!
This unit has the quick up and down that you want! Though nothing is perfect… I do like that this frame is more substantial and does not sacrifice having to work with a net that is undersized, flimsy or of sub-par quality.

The Travel Catch Net That Will Hold Up To Hard Use

The Build & The Price Is Right!
The frame is made from 1 1/4″ diameter black powder-coated steel tubing, so it’s rustproof.
The net is a double-sided #45 thickness and is UV-protected for added protection from the sun’s damaging rays.
You can count on it to stand up to the constant abrasion from batted or pitched balls.
These frames are as good as it gets in this price range and should outlast anything else you would find in this price category!


You Can Actually Assemble It That Quickly!
This travel ball catch net is actually simple to put together, especially after a couple of practices or games. It works as advertised and is
quick enough to actually want to take it on the road! It’s called the 90-second net for a reason; it’s that quick to set up and break down.
The frame snaps together using 8 pieces. The heavy-duty net slips over quickly like a pillowcase providing double protection. We include a convenient carry bag with a shoulder strap and can easily live on your trunk all season.


What I Like About This Oversize Catch Net

I gravitate to versatile products that can I can use for more than one drill or have only one reason to own it!
And this is one versatile baseball catch net!

The lean back style of frame collects hit balls for easy pickup, while the loose-hanging net absorbs the ball’s impact, virtually eliminating unwanted rebounds. This makes it even easier to collect balls & quickly refill ball buckets.

I hope my comments have helped you to decide.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park
Coach JP Signature



This Baseball Catch Net Features

  Heavy Long Lasting Weatherproof #45 Poly Net
  Tubular Steel Frame That Snaps Together Quickly
  Large Hitting Area Of 6.5′ H x 7.5′ W 
  Convenient Shoulder Carry Bag Holds All 22 Lbs


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