Team Quality Baseball Sock Net Makes An Instant Batting Station!

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Availability: 99 in stock

Optional Wheel Kit

Baseball Sock Net & A Batting Tee

  Tough Rustproof Steel Frame
  2 Sided Weather Protected Net
  Detachable No-Wobble Legs 
 For Players & Teams Of All Ages
  Available Optional Wheel Kit

Lowest Price Guaranteed


Coach JP Review IconA Baseball Sock Net & A Batting Tee Makes A Great Solo Batting Station

Our most popular baseball sock net screen is this adult size 7′ high x 7′ wide model. It is priced right & sturdy enough to last many seasons.

The team-strength frame is made of 1½”, galvanized steel tubing so will resist rusting while the strong legs are detachable for easy storage.

The slip-on made-for-baseball net is double-sided for added strength and is replaceable.
All our screen nets are UV-treated and weatherproof. This is a true #36 polyethylene net, so is built to last you many seasons.
The sock “hole” measures 42″ across; great for any age hitters and is good for use as a throwing target too!

To me, adding a wheel kit to any baseball field screen is a great investment and will extend the life of any screen.
This is simply because they are not subjected to dragging or getting slammed down, both of which cause loosening of screen legs, which is where so many screens prematurely fail! Though this adds to the cost, the extra life and ease of daily use totally justify the investment.

Though most of your shipments go to high school & college baseball programs,
it is priced right for backyard baseball or fastpitch softball training, especially for training the solo ballplayer.


Add A Batting Tee To A Baseball Sock Net Screen For A Great Solo Batting Station

This is a great choice for those wanting a solo batting tee station or a team soft toss station.
The extra-large 7 ft square hitting surface combined with the heavy netting allows for the occasional bad flips or mis-hits that happen.
Any of our batting tees or soft toss machines will work in conjunction with this baseball sock net screen!

You should expect this product to last you many seasons, even longer if you take the net or all indoors during your off-season.

You will get a lot for your money and not have a need to replace it for many seasons!
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Our Complete Team Baseball Sock Net Screen – In Summary

  • It has an adult size footprint of 7′ x 7′
  • It has a heavy-duty rustproof frame that’s 1 ½” galvanized steel
  • It has conveniently detachable leg stems for easier storage
  • It’s net is a slip-on style double strength #36 that’s twisted & knotted… and easily replaceable
  • It has an optional 6″ wheel kit for simpler transport on and off the field


I hope this helps you to make a great buying decision!

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips
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