Baseball Field Screen | 7' x 7' Team Quality Fungo Screen & Free Ship!

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Optional Wheel Kit

Baseball Field Screen For Batting Practice

  Versatile Baseball Field Screen
  Great 1st Base & BP Screen 
 7′ By 7′ – Protects All Ages
  Heavy Weatherproof Net
  Stores Easily – Legs Detach
  Rustproof Steel Frame

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A Versatile Baseball Field Screen | More Than Just A 1st Base Screen!

Our useful baseball field screen is 7’ x 7’ so adult size and large enough to use all over your ballfield. You will appreciate the long-lasting rust-resistant galvanized steel frame with a replaceable double-sided weather-treated baseball net, though will last you many seasons. The detachable leg stems help for easy storage while reducing shipping costs.
This design also reduces the wobble inherent to many field screens. It has a lot of value for its cost!

I Like This Versatile Baseball Field Screen For Its Multiple Uses!

This is one piece of baseball field equipment you will use a lot including as a batting practice protector for your center field bucket tender, to protect 3rd baseman from stray balls during particular infield drills, as on-deck protection and even as a temporary backstop for batting stations and bullpen work.
Hint: Add the wheel kit!  You will extend its life while reducing the daily hassle of moving it at least twice each practice.

I hope this helps you to make an informed buying decision!

coach JP with l screen

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From The Manufacturer Of Our 1st Base / Baseball Field Screen

Keep first basemen and other fielders protected as they hone their fielding skills with this First Base Field Screen / Fungo Protector. Rest assured that this protector will hold up through intense practices, as the heavy-duty galvanized steel frame delivers a sturdy structure that won’t topple in the face of errant high-velocity throws. When practice is over and the diamond is being cleared, the legs can be quickly removed for convenient transport back to the equipment room.

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