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A football water station is now as common as game film for teams of any level, not just the NFL! Hot weather practices where many players need to be served at once is the most common need we all have. Players working in units take water breaks in units so a 16 hose and nozzle system that allows ample distance between players is more than a convenience; it is a practical time-saver!

If you have a large team of athletes and are far from a convenient source where many can get a water break at once, this one-time purchase may be perfect for you. (And yes, we even offer a similar bit larger 100-gallon football hydration system too).

This USA-engineered & built football water station is a team manager that gives you 65 gallons of fresh water with 16 hoses of continuous fresh, cool water flow that cuts player downtime due to its capacity and ease in transport. The food-grade tank and mold-resistant hoses are mounted on a tough but lighter-weight rust-resistant aluminum frame. it ships fully assembled, sanitized & ready to use.

It’s Football Hydration With All The Extras You Would Want

This well-built unit has the stability and Made in USA-build that you would want but has the convenience of well-spaced nozzles. We include an extra pump to allow a high level of water flow when all nozzles are in use.
This well-balanced football hydration cart has oversized tires and a full-size 1 7/8″ hitch and even includes a jack stand system that installs and removes quickly to ensure better stabilization.
I especially appreciate the huge deep top deck storage shelf that can save the daily hauling of larger coolers, medical chests, tackling dummies, and coach’s whiteboards.

This Is Our Smaller Capacity Tow-Able Water System

Somebody Really Engineered The Perfect Portable Water System
  • 65-gallon tank with a top-filling lid on 40 x 48 metal frame with 12” tires (not for highway use)
  • 16 drinking nozzles on well-spaced 5 ft. quick disconnect coiled hoses that resist mold
  • Larger food-grade tank  hoses, fittings & pumps – all clean easily
  • 2- 3.0 GPM 12-volt pumps (one for each side) with 35 amp rechargeable battery & charger.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame steers easily
  • Wide-set wheels make this a more stable unit to transport
  • Oversize 10″ flat-free tires handle any terrain or surface
  • Inline water strainer keeps pumps clean of contaminates
  • Handy oversized deep storage shelf hauls coolers, dummies, trainers supplies, etc.


Our Football Hydration Station Has Options

Though these units ship complete and assembled, there are a few options you might consider.

The ice funnel is designed for programs that use these tankers frequently. Though the 8″ tank lid opening is quite large, corralling bags or scoops of ice can still become a daily hassle followed by constant clean-up. So for you, here is the problem-solver (you also save with free shipping when purchased with your tanker).

The bottom line is this is a best-in-class hi-capacity football hydration station mounted on a larger stable platform with extra storage.
This tow-able hydration station is popular with larger programs & seen on sidelines & practice fields across America.

If the size fits your team’s needs, I’d be all over it. If not, we have a larger capacity model below.
I hope my thoughts have helped you see the quality of our entire line-up.

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips

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48″ W x 60″ L x 41″ H
Shipping Weight 260 Lbs.