6" Stride-Off Portable Mound With AstroTurf® | USA Made Since 1992

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Size & Model Dimensions – 6″ High x 5′ 3″ Long x 4.5’ Wide
Total Weight – 55 Tough Pounds

  Our Most Popular Stride-Off Pitching Mound Model
  Best Quality, Features & Hi-Quality Made-In-USA Build
  6″ High x 53″ Wide x 63″ Long | 55 Portable Pounds
  Full Astroturf® Cover With Long-Life Pitching Rubber
  Natural Slope & Smooth No-Lip Edges | EZ Maintenance 

       10 yr guarantee graphic

My Favorite Economy Portable Pitching Mound For Youth Baseball!Coach JP Review Graphic

This 6″ portable pitching mound model has been a workhorse in youth baseball tournaments for well over a decade as of this writing. I’ve never had a complaint about premature wear or the all-important shell failing (a common complaint). This alone is a good reason why I’ve never added any new artificial mound brands (though I do keep looking).

All brands of the portable pitching mound are expensive but the reality is that our brand just seems to last longer; this alone drives down the cost of ownership simply by its extended years of quality performance! This model is more than competitively priced for a pro-quality product. I’d say that this model is the #1 choice we sell, especially where there are multi-sport converted ballfields that must service various age groups and conversions from softball infields, and for those in need of a good artificial mound but are on a budget.

I like the portable pitching mound size as well as the real Astroturf covering along with the long-lasting pitcher’s rubber.6 Inch Stride-Off Portable Mound Our portable mound models have been made for us by the same manufacturer for over 15 years!. They make mounds and only mounds… true professionals who build the best pitching mounds for travel baseball and many summer league baseball complexes, where users are heaviest!

The 6″ Pitchers mound height fits more age groups than any other size. Best for 5 ft or taller pitchers usually seen in the 10-14 yr old age groups. Though it is not a full-size game mound due to its shorter dimensions, it can be used and most rules allow. Our longer 6″ portable full-length game mound is worth a look if the budget allows.

6″ Artificial Mound Information

  • About The Hi-Density Foam Core – The solid foam fills the interior, giving your pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area This helps reduce knee & ankle strain while keeping its true shape & preventing the sag & dead spots issues of some fiberglass-only portable baseball mounds
  • The Fiberglass Lamination – This simply adds strong rigidity to the foam core
  • About The Polyurethane Plastic Capsule – This final process seals the entire mound, protects gym floor & reduces mound movement while preventing any moisture which can add weight and prematurely degrade the entire mound
  • The AstroTurf® Cover – Best grade nylon AstroTurf® is what used. Costs a little more but known for its long-lasting qualities
  • About The Pitcher’s Rubber – Count on it outlasting any game rubber you could buy
  • Warranty: 1 Year but expect many seasons without issue!
  • Size & Model Dimensions –  6″ High x 5′ 3″ Long x 4.5’ Wide
  • Total Weight – 55 Tough Pounds

My Portable Mound Summary

If the price and sizes fit your needs… you found the right model. I hold this artificial mound manufacturer in the highest regard. They are a family business that still does it the right way. No shortcuts, They are a 25-year-old company that has built one line of products; this should tell you all you need to know! Remember, you don’t want to buy this stuff twice!


I hope my thoughts will help you make your best decision!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips


Portable Mound Delivery

Most of our portable mound sizes ship by truck. Trucking companies charge least when shipping to a business address where there is a dock or a forklift present. Your next most inexpensive option is shipping to any business address. Schools & residential shipping are more expensive. Allow 7-10 business days for delivery but let us know if you have a deadline; we will do our best! If you need your portable mound shipped outside of the continental U.S., please call us for a shipping quote. 1-800-487-7432 (10-7 EST)

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