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52+ MPH Heater Pro Curve Ball Baseball Pitching Machine


Heater Pro Curveball Pitching Machine Auto Ball Feeder

   Throws Fastballs & RH/LH Curves Up To 52+ MPH
   The Lowest Priced Curveball Pitching Machine
   Uses Leather Or Dimple Baseballs
   Optional Inexpensive 12 Ball Auto Feeder
   Adjusts For Fly Balls & Grounders Too!

     Lowest Price Guaranteed!    1 year warranty seal   




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Considering A Curve Ball Pitching Machine? I Agree!JP Review

A Heater Pro Curveball Pitching Machine of any kind is a true baseball gift!
How else can we expect a ballplayer to figure out the curveball… in real-time during a game?
Like anything else a player needs to master with the baseball swing, it takes some know-how followed by quality repetition after repetition… thousands of swings that result in slowing the game down so a player can attack what he has seen so many times right in his backyard or at practice!

There has never been an entry-level curveball pitching machine at this price.
The Heater Curveball Pro will throw a fastball or breaking ball up to 52+ MPH from regulation distances.
A simple dial controls pitch speed and the machine adjusts to throw pitches from right or left-handed angles.

For an extra $100, it’s basically the Original Heater Baseball Pitching Machine but with the pivot-head ability that allows it to throw a left-hand or right-hand curveball at variable speeds that most youth players will need!

The Pro can also be tilted and used for defensive drills, such as fielding grounders, line-drives, and pop-flies, while catchers can work on their blocking skills. The wheel is fully enclosed for maximum safety.

You Won’t Find A Less Expensive Real Ball Curveball Pitching Machine

This curveball pitching machine is so light, convenient, and accurate, It has become one of our best-selling youth baseball pitching machine models. You cannot find more machines for its breakthrough price… And with our free shipping, you will not find it for less!

Buy What Your Budget Says
I have advised customers for many years that they should bump up against their budget for our training products!
There isn’t any reason to throw the budget overboard plus when you spend a bit more, you sometimes get a lot more


Here’s My Product Overview From Testing The Heater Curveball Pitching Machine

  1. This machine works as advertised and though I think practicing at high velocity is overrated, you can shorten pitching distances if you feel the need for added velocity. This will decrease reaction time & quicken a player. Note that is how pregame batting practice is pitched even in pro ball!
  2. I suggest using our yellow machine pitch dimple baseballs for better accuracy and added velocity. Of course, dimple balls last longer too.
  3. Begin curveball training with metal or composite bats instead of wood. Mis-hits are common when attacking breaking balls so not need breaking any more wood than is necessary… IMHO
  4. I am comfortable recommending this machine for older players, though parents and coaches of more younger players tend to purchase. It fits well when this is the sweet spot on the budget!
  5. It harnesses perfectly with the Xtender Batting Cages though remember that a curveball takes some room to break so I would not recommend any batting cage less than 36 ft. in length, regardless of brand.

Well, that’s my take on this inexpensive baseball curveball pitching machine.Heater Curveball Pro Baseball Pitching Machine Box | Ships Free!

I hope my thoughts will help you make your best decision!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips - baseball mental toughness
Coach JP Signature




The Curve Ball Pitching Machine Auto Ball Feeder

An optional auto feeder is an inexpensive option and great for solo players. This feeder holds a dozen baseballs or dimple balls and pitches a ball every 9 seconds, allowing hitters enough time to comfortably reset between swings.


Shipping Note Free shipping offer is not valid to addresses outside of the continental United States. This includes addresses within Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Warranty 1 Year
Maximum Pitching Speed 52+ MPH
Pitch Type Fastball, LH & RH Curveball
Power Supply AC Plug-In
Ball Capacity 12 Baseball Auto Feeder
Ball Feeder Optional Auto Feeder




  • Both Coach JP and the manufacturer’s warning labels urge the use of machine pitch dimple balls with this machine. These are the seamless yellow balls you see being used at batting cages. They are the same size and weight as leather (seamed) balls. They fly straighter and last longer than leather balls, plus they are easier on player’s hands and bats. We’ve got ’em. Order by the dozen, as many as you need.
  • The Heater Pro Curveball Pitching Machine is a 110v plug-in pitching machine with a 1/4 horsepower DC motor. It is not available in a rechargeable model but will work with a generator or battery pack that can handle 350-400 watts.
  • Read How to Choose a Pitching Machine here


All Real Ball Heater Pro Curveball Pitching Machine Will Throw:

Checkbox Graphic  Machine Pitch Dimple Balls   Checkbox Graphic  Leather Baseballs   Checkbox Graphic  Poly Whiffle Balls