50 Gallon Rechargeable Portable Water Wagon | Made In USA & New Low Price

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Baseball Diamond Field Equipment Checkbox Graphic  50 Gallon Capacity Serves 16 Players At One time
Baseball Diamond Field Equipment Checkbox Graphic  Stable Wide Stance Frame Won’t Rust & No-Flat Tires
Baseball Diamond Field Equipment Checkbox Graphic  Rechargeable Battery & Waterproof Charger
Baseball Diamond Field Equipment Checkbox Graphic  EZ To Clean & Fills Easier – Wide Mouth Tank Opening

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A Large Capacity
Portable Water Wagon To Completely Hydrate Your Team
Coach JP Review

A portable water cart on wheels is now a must for many hot weather practices and where many players need to be served at once.
If you have a bunch of athletes and are far from a convenient source where many get a water break at once, this one-time purchase may be perfect for you. (And yes, we even offer a 65-gallon water wagon and 100-gallon water wagon models too.

This USA-engineered & built portable water wagon team manager unit gives you 50 gallons of fresh water with 16 hoses of continuous fresh, cool water flow that cuts player downtime due to its capacity and ease in transport. The food-grade tank and mold-resistant hoses are mounted on a tough but lighter-weight rust-resistant aluminum frame. it ships fully assembled, sanitized & ready to use.
They even added a super-handy storage shelf at a perfect 36″ height. More than just handy, the low-to-ground tank adds transport stability on uneven ground.  
This mesh tray is for your extra water bottles, trainer’s supplies or whatever other small pieces that never seem to find the right place when needed.


There’s A Reason This Is The Most Popular Water Water Cart On Wheel In The Series

Somebody Thought Out How To Design & Build The Perfect Portable Water water cart on wheel
  • 50-gallon tank with top filling top-lid
  • 16 drinking nozzles on 5 ft. quick disconnect coiled hoses that resist mold
  • Larger food-grade tank, hoses & pumps clean easily
  • 2- 3.0 GPM 12-volt pump with 35 amp rechargeable battery & charger
  • Lightweight aluminum frame steers easily & fits through standard door openings
  • Wide-set wheels make this a more stable unit to transport
  • Oversize 10″ flat-free tires handle any terrain or surface
  • Inline water strainer keeps pumps clean of contaminates
  • Handy oversized deep storage shelf for bottles, trainers tools, etc. 
  • Optional slip over insulated cover keeps water 2 hrs. colder, longer


Our Football Water Wagons Have Options

Though these units ship complete and assembled, there are a few options you might consider.


The ice funnel is designed for programs that use these tankers frequently. Though the 8″ tank lid opening is quite large, corralling bags or scoops of ice can still become a daily hassle followed by constant clean-up. So for you, here is the problem-solver (you also save with free shipping when purchased with your tanker).



The insulated cover is designed in various sizes for all our football water wagons, water cows & stations. It will benefit those who find an advantage in adding another 2 hours of ice-time to a full tank of cold water. (you also save with free shipping when purchased with your tanker).

The bottom line is that this is a bit larger team capacity model mounted on a very stable platform. 
This portable water wagon is popular on sidelines or any practice field.


If the size fits your team’s needs, I’d be all over it. If not, we have larger capacity models too – (look below). 
I hope my thoughts have helped you see the quality of our entire line-up.

Coach John Peter JP Baseball Tips

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33″ W x 60″ L x 41″ H
Shipping Weight 260 Lbs.



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