Tidi-Cooler Water Cooler Stand & Basket w/ Optional 5 Gallon Igloo Coolers

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  • optional 5-gallon water cooler stand

Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic  No Rust Powder Coated Green Or Black
Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic  Optional 5 Gallon Igloo Coolers  

Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic  Wide Stance Base For Added Stability
Square 2 Color Bullet Graphic  New Lower Price



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Tidi-Cooler Water Cooler Stand & Basket w/ Optional 5 Gl. Igloo Coolers


Water Cooler Stand does one job. Ours just does it better and for less cost! 100% lightweight, rust-free aluminum with powder-coated finish tidi-cooler stands offer a new wide stance base for more stability. Stores sports drink coolers on and off the court or floor, indoors or out! Choose a stand only or include an optional 5-gallon Igloo water cooler! Both include a court basket and security cable with a keyed lock to keep it in place.

This simple rolling igloo water station is a sports hydration solution that works especially well for those on a budget but who need mobility too!

  • The Main Frame Is 1″ Steel Tube Construction
  • Rustproof Black Powder Coated Finish Resists Rust
  • Handy Supplies Shelf Can Also Be Used For Misc. Field or Court Needs


Team Igloo Water Stand & Basket For All Team Sports, Golf, Tennis 

Of course, you have seen our Tidi Sports igloo water stand on golf courses & tennis courts but see if it doesn’t make sense for you to stop sitting your filled heavy igloo cooler(s) on your team dugout or sideline player’s bench? Ever watch a cooler full of Gatorade drench your dugout floor and then have to walk through a wet, sticky mess for the remains of the game? I have, though frankly, it was not an accident… (long story concerning an umpire who lacked basic rules knowledge… LOL).


Workplaces, Warehouses & Factory Floors Really Like Our Rolling Water Cooler Stand!

Though originally built for indoor and outdoor sports teams, I have been amazed at how many workplace customers have purchased multiple units for their hard-working employees.
Hydration in non-air-conditioned environments is inexpensive insurance and simply a good thing to do to take care of those who work hard!

Workers need easy access to quick water cooler breaks to reduce any loss of productivity, and this fits that bill!

  • For Industrial warehouses with hydration needs
  • On Factory floors without air conditioning 


Choose your unit with or without your choice of igloo-cooler and powder-coated green or black rustproof aluminum stand & basket
These are excellent products that will last you for many years!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips



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