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Pro 4 Way Pitching Rubber Pitching Plate | 6″ x 24″ Official or 4″ x 18″ Youth | Ships Free!

  • Official Size 4 Way Pitching Rubber In 6" x 24" or 4" x 18" Youth Model
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  Game White Rubber Surfaces
Official & Youth Sizes
Long Wearing Weatherproof Surfaces
Designed To Rotate…use all 4 sides!

A Pitching Rubber That Is Your Best ChoiceCoach JP Review

A pitching rubber in this 4 way design is the best choice for anyone or any league. The simple design allows for the grounds people (or coach) to keep a sharp front edge over many seasons simply by digging it up and rotating or reversing end for end so that you actually have the use of 8 front edges, not just one that is common with any other style


We offer all common choices you have seen & though you may have a reason for selecting another, I would eliminate this style before moving on to alternatives.


A Pro Quality Pitching Rubber Is Always Worth The Money!

Our Pro 4 Way Pitching Plate is the pro solution for heavier use fields and especially where older players toe the rubber. The design is part of the story with the rest being the quality in the manufacture! It is designed to be buried into your pitcher’s mound, then rotated ¼ turn as the front edge of the rubber wears down from abrasion caused by the post (back) leg of pitcher’s repeated deliveries. Youth size is 4″ x 18″ & official size is 6″ x 24″

Just pick your size and solve a recurring problem

  • 4″ x 18″ Youth Size
  • 6″ x 24″ Official Size


I hope my comments have helped you!
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Choose Your Model Size Here

Official Size 6" x 24", Youth Size 4" x 18"

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