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2-Way Infield Drag & Leveling Drag

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  Condition A 6’Wide Path In One Pass
  46 Replaceable 4-1/2″ Teeth 3″ Apart
  Made to hold up to 3 cement blocks

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This Big League Nail Drag Plus Leveling Drag will condition a 6’W path in one pass and is designed to break up dirt or cinders on a baseball infield or track. The hardened, sharpened steel cutting teeth down tears up the dirt. 

It is designed with forty-six 4-1/2″ long teeth staggered with 3″ gaps, which can be simply replaced when worn. A durable pull chain trails the unit to break up dirt clumps. It is suggested that you use a tractor or similar for pulling, especially when you add up to 3 cement blocks (not included but does include the cutout for a standard block) for additional weight when necessary.

The frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel so it will remain tough through many seasons of use.
It is 88 tough lbs. Make sure your track and/or field is in top condition with expert help from the Big League Nail Drag Infield Drag.


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