10″ Portable Pitching Mound | 2 Game Sizes | Made In USA Quality



10 Yr. Limited Core Warranty – Best in the business!
1 Pc. Dimensions –
10″ H x 7′ 7″ W x 11′ 3″ L – 220 lbs.
2 Pc. Dimensions – 10″ H x 7′ 7″ W x 11′ 3″ L – 230 lbs.

  Best 10″ Pitching Mounds With Real Nylon Turf 
200 Tough Pounds In 1 or 2-Piece Construction
  Natural Slope For Easy Spin Moves & Pick Offs
 Wear Pad In Front Of Rubber For Longer Life 
  Will Not Prematurely Fail… As Many Do  

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Our 2 New Full Wind-Up Portable Pitching Mound Game Models

Coach JP Review Graphic

A portable pitching mound is a wonderful addition to any organization fortunate enough to have the budget for.
It is an investment you will live with for many seasons so is one you want to make sure of before you buy.

I have noticed many new portable pitching mound product lines showing up over the last few seasons.
There’s good bad and ugly out there so how do you make an educated purchase?

Considering more choices than ever and adding those choices to even seasoned baseball coaches & athletic directors who likely have seldom if ever purchased these products previously… the purchase begs for education & explanation. Here’s my view:

Portable Pitching Mound Basics

Portable pitching mounds are divided into practice and game models of various heights & lengths.
Within those categories are smaller and maybe shorter practice mounds that do not allow for throwing to bases, PFP, or defensive drills.

Then there are the full game mounds that require the ability to pitch PLUS pick-off runners or spin & throw to bases & field their position. This means that they must be larger and have tapered edges on all sides and be as similar as possible to a real clay mound mix that pitchers are used to.

They can be built out of turf-covered wood, they can be fiberglass-shaped shells, or foam-filled models that are covered with some harder materials, all hidden by some grade of artificial turf & a pitching rubber.

Most combinations of these materials range from average at their best to downright awful.
But, because they all look good in the pictures, and the descriptions sound ok, you just cannot tell how well they will perform and hold up to heavy use… until you own them! What you cannot measure are their feel and especially their longevity… so how do you know that ours are the best quality? Keep reading!


It began in 1992 with an ex-pro pitcher who started a portable baseball mound manufacturing business!
Using top-flight materials with his decades-old baseball history & experience, he focused only on these products.. all built from his pro pitcher’s mindset!

These 2 best-in-class 10-inch tall outdoor baseball mound models both feature a polypropylene foam core that’s then laminated with a fiberglass base & then encapsulated in polyurethane plastic. And are then topped with the best real nylon turf in your choice of 4 colors.
The final touch features a pitcher’s rubber that outlasts the real thing. All this will give your pitchers a familiar mound feel & long-lasting performance too!

The engineered process allows for lighter weight & a reasonably portable 1 pc. design and now, an even more portable 2-piece design.
The 2 piece model stores easier and locks into place for a very solid feel! The single-piece model is best for more semi-permanent needs.

  • About The Hi-Density Foam Core – The solid foam fills the interior, giving your pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area. This helps reduce knee & ankle strain while keeping its true shape & preventing the sag & dead spots issues of some fiberglass-only portable baseball mounds
  • The Fiberglass Lamination – This simply adds strong rigidity to the foam core
  • About The Polyurethane Plastic Capsule – This final process seals the entire mound, protects a gym floor & reduces mound movement while preventing any moisture which can add weight and prematurely degrade the entire mound.
  • The Tough Nylon Turf Cover – We use our high-grade nylon turf. It costs a little more but is vital and worth it for its longevity!

The Portable Baseball Mound Benefits That Really Make For Your Best Choice 

  200 Tough Pounds & Your Choice of Pro Turf Colors
  Level Pivot Area In Front Of Rubber Promotes Good Balance
  A Natural Slope & Room For Comfortable Spin Moves & Pick Offs
  A New Wear Pad In Front Of The Pitcher’s Rubber Ensures Long Life
  A New 2-Piece Interlocking Model For Quicker Easier Moving & Storage

In Summary

If you need an official size pitching mound or artificial pitching mound that best resembles the qualities of your clay pitcher’s mound, look no further!
It’s the longest-lasting product you can find, so pick your color and upgrade your program here.
Whether you choose a 1 or 2-piece construction, you will like this product immediately!

I hope these comments have helped you to make your best decision!

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park