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Any brand of bullpen bench or tennis bench looks good when you open the box. Unfortunately, some just don’t stay looking good after a few seasons of weather & use.

Originally developed as baseball benches, these shorter  sports benches fit well as a bullpen bench or tennis bench and found all over the country specifically for these reasons.

We usually offer competing product brands (because I feel strongly about customers having a choice), here is an exception only in part because not very many of these exist and in part because they are darn near perfect!

They feature a very good build, affordable price work well indoor or outdoor & even have a choice of color that work well in hot sun.

With over a decade of customers using this line-up we know they will stay looking good without the inherent rust & loose or weak joints found in others, regardless of cost.

I hope you’ll consider these high-quality made-in-USA models.

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips


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