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Aluminum bleachers & aluminum benches are the materials of choice for both of these products. Some are made well and will last while others seem to have shorter life spans. Older styles of steel frames are still around but tend to be heavier, perhaps more costly for no added stability or real benefit.


Our Aluminum Benches


Our aluminum team benches are used as baseball benches, of course, but also used on sidelines as football benches and soccer benches too. We have even found that court sports use them with our portable mounts with the feet covered to protect courts and flooring.

3 styles with no back, seat with back, and our ultimate dugout benches with seat, a back, plus a 20″ deep top shelf to store equipment (and players).

Multiple team bench mounts are available whether you are pouring new concrete or as a bolt-on for existing pads too. 

All are made In USA in multiple lengths, your choice of single or double foot board models, in natural cool touch anodized aluminum as well as 4 optional team colors!

Our Aluminum Bleachers

Aluminum bleachers offer you choices from the smaller 2 row bleachers for the smallest of needs to our very popular 3,4 and 5 row in single and double footboard models…all in all popular lengths and even in team colors too.  

Whether you are looking for our low rise bleachers with their lower-to-ground 1st row or our standard 17″ high 1st row models, we have what you need in single or double foot board models. 

Read Our Guide: Aluminum Bleacher Buying Basics

Some require no guardrail and others known as chain link bleachers and the higher-end vertical picket safety fencing.

I think you will easily find what you need here but if not, call us toll-free & get your questions answered.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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