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Hydration For Sports & Outdoor Misting Fans

Team sports hydration has slowly become an important aspect of all sports. Football water stations and those huge outdoor misting fans seen on NFL sidelines started showing up over 15 years ago and began spreading the story.

An uptick in under-hydrated players finally began getting the attention of media and fortunately, every team now has some level of knowledge and can better protect their athletes while helping them to perform at their highest level!

Sports Hydration & Misting Fans 

Options range in price, capacity along with types from those attached to a simple garden hose to those self-contained units that are rechargeable & much more mobile.

We carry the smaller capacity rolling igloo type carts that are self-contained and serve 6 players at a time, medium & larger rechargeable units and rolling water tankers in various capacities and prices as well as those A-Frame drinking trees that serve 6 at a time. 

Additionally, our outdoor misting fans will run for hours and lower the temperature of a huge area so perfect for a football water sidelines, ends of dugouts or similar settings.

Though we tend to think of hydration units as football water stations, all outdoor sports hydration is important.

Sports Hydration  – In Summary

Hydration stations and outdoor misting fans are no longer seen as an afterthought or a luxury.

I hope we can help your program!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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