Good Complete Baseball Cages

Here’s Our Good Complete Baseball Cages

They feature a high-quality batting cage frame that’s easier to install with no holes to dig or concrete to pour!

Its trapezoid shape (wider at the bottom) is very stable and will fit all our common choices of batting cage net lengths, widths & strengths.

The 55′ or 70′ length is typical of what you see at any baseball field complex or school. The matching nets can be purchased in the youth 12′ width and the most popular 14′ width which accommodates bigger players so their backswing will avoid hitting the baseball cage net sides.
The 12′ height is standard.

In Summary
Our good frames are a bit lighter-weight steel and use a hanger system to hold the main net. Buy here if this is what your budget says to do! You won’t go wrong.

A Buying Hint
Consider that the length of a batting cage will never dictate how good your player(s: will become or how much they love the game however, a failed net will prevent them from being able to use their batting cage.
When budget or space becomes an issue, consider a shorter batting cage with a heavier net, rather than a longer batting cage with a lighter net.

We send you everything you need in one shipment, ready to be installed

Let me know when I can help you further.
coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips - baseball mental toughness
— Coach JP

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