Collapsible Batting Cages

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Unique Indoor Or Outdoor Collapsible Batting Cages 

These awesome oversize collapsible batting cages ship to you complete with minimal installation hassles. It has an oversize working space that’s 18 ft. wide so accommodates the heaviest users, all while having the ability to break down to only a 2 ft in depth. This is particularly helpful when sharing a gym indoors or when the outdoor space is used for other activities as well.

The heavier duty strength of the frame matches a very heavy-duty batting cage net that ships with an extra baffle net that preserves the heaviest wear points where batting cage nets generally wear out first.

Choose our 57′ or 72′ length pro length frame and allow 18′ in total width and we will ship it directly to you; complete and ready to install with simple instructions!

In Summary
Our Collapsible Batting Cages are built from rust-resistant heavy wall galvanized steel for superior rust resistance! It’s a unique and superior engineered system that doesn’t require an engineer to install. I recommend this for ANY baseball need up to any Spring training facility!

Note that we send you everything you need, ready to be installed!

You won’t go wrong with this purchase if it meets your budget. Simply select your length of indoor, outdoor or a combo system for those who could use it for both indoors AND outdoors.

This has been quite popular for small colleges who need very heavy duty, but perhaps cannot budget two complete batting cages this year or have to share a space with other team sports!

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