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Our New Cantilever Batting Cages Are Complete!

This new style of team and pro strength cages features a cantilever batting cage system that does not require a full ‘ceiling” of steel but rather a very heavy-duty steel pole system that attaches to individual angled steel lengths where your batting cage net attaches.

Individual crank winches are used to raise, lower, and tighten … all from ground level! A

This is the 21st-century design that you will see more of in the future! It fits all our common choices of batting cage net lengths, widths & strengths.

Choose our 55′ or 70′ length pro length frame and allow 16 feet in total width then add our matching nets.

Choose with our 12′ width youth net or our more popular 14′ width batting cage nets. The larger width is your best choice in that it accommodates your bigger and adult batters whose backswing will avoid hitting the side of the batting cage net.

In Summary
Our new cantilever style are our best baseaball cages!
They are built from rust-resistant heavy wall galvanized steel that has been powder coated black for a better look and superior rust resistance! Again, it will fit any of our batting cage nets!

It’s a new, superior engineered system that doesn’t require an engineer to install. 

Note that we send you everything you need, ready to be installed! You won’t go wrong with this purchase if it meets your budget.

I recommend this for ANY baseball need up to any Spring training facility!

Let me know when I can help you further.
coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

— Coach JP

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