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Buying Batting Cages

For something this fun, buying baseball batting cages can be a bit painful. You go to more than a few websites and you can be a bit less confident from what shouldn’t be so confusing.

Like anything else, baseball cages have differences in type, grade & strength too.

Lets Simplify: 
Decision 1

Backyard Cage or Pro Style Cage

Backyard Batting Cages are generally smaller, lighter weight and many times shorter than what you see at the ballpark.
They will save you money if you have a few ballplayers and not a regular team full of players. Note that our Over The Frame Batting Cage Kits go well beyond this lightweight note and can really hold up well with medium-users such as a typical travel team. They also have a huge advantage in that you don’t dig holes or pour concrete either (this means you will be hitting in 90 minutes just by following the instructions. 

Pro-Style Cages are what’s typically found at ballparks. You have used or seen some version of our pro style hitting cages at league, tournament, school or college ballparks.

Pro-Style Batting Cage Choices

We carry 4 styles of pro baseball cages & batting cage kits and only a couple variations on those styles. The reasoning is based on over 20 years of working with our buyers and reflects what they have taught us. We’ve determined what works, what lasts, and what retains value… not to mention what is not a nightmare to install or remove.

Decision 2

Good | Better | Best/Pro Cages 

Our good cages are a bit lighter-weight steel and use a hanger system to hold the main net. Buy here if this is what your budget says to do! You won’t go wrong. Great for backyard or for those on a tight budget.

Our better cages have been our #1 batting cage system for schools and tournament ballparks. A truly solid batting cage  kit that works with any of our nets. I do suggest your adding our batting cage cable hanging kit with this purchase… you’ll save a bunch of sweat & gas and you’ll have a perfectly rectangular batting cage forever.

Our best/pro cages are exactly that. we have the new cantilever style that includes an ingenious winch-winding system to raise and lower your batting cage net quickly and as frequently as you’d like.
We also recommend the incredibly unique BATCO for those who want or need the ability to collapse their batting cage whether indoor or outdoors. This oversize beauty is truly a superior piece of engineering.


In Summary

There is nothing more impactful on a ballplayer than to be able to swing more. Like anything else, this is a buying decision and one that you will live with for some time so have a look at our models and see what fits your budget. You can be sure that what’s here will do the job. 

Make life easy on yourself. Buy good stuff!
Have a great season!

coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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