Deluxe Poly Batting Cage Nets

 Deluxe Poly Batting Cage Nets

Our deluxe poly cage nets are our most popular models. They offer our high-quality poly batting cage material without all the “extras”.

What Makes Poly Batting Cages Deluxe?

1st, we add a very handy corner flap door so you no longer have to bend over, grab a handful of net and throw it over you (and at times your bat and ball bucket) to enter and then later, to exit). Its a simple flap door that is very handy.

Next is the included baffle net saver that we add. This heavy square shape net covers the complete strike zone behind the batter, which is the number one wear point of batting cage net and where nets prematurely fail).

Adding both of these features are our most requested accessories so we include them as a package with a really reduced total cost.

Our deluxe poly cages will do the job a bit better with improved protection… and will last you a long time, regardless of the gauge (thickness) you select.

My summary is that if you can budget the deluxe models, do so. We heavily discount the added features when compared to your buying them separately.

My final thought regards the poly material itself. Though it does not have the highest abrasion-resistance qualities of our deluxe nylon models, the savings can be so great that if you simply purchase our heavier weights, especially our #36 and my personal favorite #42, you will not have any regrets. They are appropriate for our school team customers who cycle through a lot of hitters and because it does not absorb water, will not model, rot or prematurely turn gray. It’s a very good product and one that we have never had complaints or returns

Let me know if I can help you further.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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