Pitching Nets Batting Cage Backstops In Vinyl, Rubber & Netting

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Pitching Nets & Batting Cage Backstops 

You name the type, we’ve got it here. Pitching nets & batting cage backstops in vinyl, heavy solid rubber & baffle nets in standard sizes or your custom choice (call them in so we get it perfect).

I have my personal favorite and that’s the baffle net style of any size. here’s why:

I want to see my hitters from behind, which can also be a great tool for me to help my pitchers too in that I see what the batter sees. I cannot do this behind a solid surface. Indoors can be loud anyway so hitting balls into a vinyl or solid surface can make me nutz, but that’s me and more importantly, you now have all the choices you want.

I hope this helps you decide!

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