Batting Cages & Batting Cage Nets

Batting Cages & Batting Cage Nets

Our customers say that baseball cages & baseball nets are confusing to purchase… and I agree.
The terminology is not standardized and who buys this stuff often enough to have expertise? Sellers…lol.
With that said, I’d like to offer you a few basics to get you in the right direction:

Is this for
Heavier Team/School/Ballpark or Personal Use?

  • Team/School/Ballpark Batting Cages
    Check your budget 1st, then size, then whatever features and look that you like. We divide our offerings into good, better, best/pro offerings and their reflected prices.
    “Better” covers 80 percent of our school/ballpark/team customers, with our 2 pro cages being most of the rest for our heaviest users, those who want larger interior hitting area or for the unique features that each one offers.

  • Personal Use Batting Cages
    Start with our backyard baseball cages. When you feel that these styles may not serve you over the years and your outdoor climate, go right to the pro cages. Note that our batting cage kit is by far, the best backyard batting cage that we offer. 

About Batting Cage Nets

Here’s where more confusion sets in. The two most popular materials are polyethylene and nylon. Nylon has a higher resistance to abrasion and is a softer material while poly baseball nets are a stiffer material (harder to patch and make into custom batting cages) though are made with UV protectors add in its melted state as opposed to the typical dipping process of the finished product. To overcome the higher cost of nylon, just compare the gauge number system so for instance, consider a #36 poly with a #21 nylon or my personal favorite, #42 poly over a #36 nylon. 

Standard vs. Deluxe Batting Cage Nets

Our deluxe offers a corner flap door and an included netsaver for the highest wear-point behind the batter so look deluxe 1st and if within budget, that’s your play.

Batting Cage Size

The length of a baseball cage will never determine the direction of any baseball hitter’s season or career.

If the distance between a pitching machine or BP pitcher and any batter were critical, MLB pregame would never be taken at shorter distances.

The bottom line is that when in doubt, choose a shorter cage with a heavier net rather than a longer cage with a lighter net.

Read Our Guide: What Batting Cage Size Should You Choose?

I hope this has helped but if not, call me directly and we will get it done with one phone call!

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