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Baseball Batting Tees Styles

Players may graduate from tee ball but they will never graduate from baseball tee drills.

Some baseball tees are simple things and some are more creative, offering feedback that the batter just can’t otherwise see.

We do not offer simple cheap rubber tees because they fail quickly and many times, do not offer the variation needed for players of various sizes and age levels.

Undoubtedly, you have seen or used those yellow rubber batting tees; we carry all 3 of the original models from the original manufacturer, though they are molded in a royal blue color… and they cost you less than those of the name brand.

We also carry the Mule Tee, one of the more creative batting tees you could want. It is fully height-adjustable, uses a brush cup, making “picking ‘ the ball cleaner a real advantage. This helps you to work on imparting the backspin needed to get balls in the air most efficiently. It also includes a rubber outside barrier that audibly and visually reminds the batter when their swing is getting long with hands too far away from the body. This is a great teaching tool that helps to reinforce the quick swing and correct path to the ball.

There’s more to see but here are some thoughts that will get you started.

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