Baseball Resistance Bands & Training

Baseball Resistance Bands & Training

We are finally noticing baseball resistance training at the younger levels. The reality is that just getting blood flow to our throwing arms is a great start in limiting some of these avoidable injuries and over-worked baseball arms.

The reality is that baseball throwing in and of itself is not a natural movement and when combining that with the overuse and lack of downtime that today’s players can experience, the least we can do for them is help them to strengthen and lengthen the small muscles and all the related connecting tissue that make up the shoulder compartment and what folks know as the rotator cuff.

It Benefits The Entire Arm  

Research has proven that resistance band exercises grow your muscles and tone them at the same time. It will light up biceps, triceps, forearms… you name it.

If it didn’t, why do you see Jaeger Baseball Bands hanging in bullpens all over MLB and at the indoor facility where you train? 

My Two Throwing Shoulder Surgeries

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone or anything. The best I can do is stay as strong as I am capable of. It is for that reason alone that I will preach the benefits of a baseball resistance band workout in general.

Take care of your throwing arm…
It’s your lifeline to playing this game.

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