Baseball Radar Guns & Radar Displays

Baseball Radar Guns

Looking for a team quality baseball radar gun or perhaps a baseball radar gun with display that you can carry to and from the field in a padded protective case?

We carry some budget-saving models that will do what’s asked all within 1+ mph in accuracy when compared with the top of the line models, none of which will make your players better.

It’s Not Accuracy… It’s The Distance

To me, digital radar guns are either accurate or they are broken. Think about the distance between where you will use your radar, If you can shoot up to 60 ft. from any of the direct flight of the ball, (Specifically this would be no more than 60 ft. behind the catcher or pitcher would be fine).

However, if you are in the 2nd deck of a AAA ballpark, you will need to pony up the big bucks for a Stalker Model (great stuff but omg – expensive.

Let us know how we can help you further.

coach JP @ Syracuse AAA Park

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