Baseball Training Equipment


Baseball Training Equipment

Today’s ballplayers are more knowledgeable than their peers of just a decade ago. No doubt about it. But no matter how many lessons they take, how many teams they play on, I am firmly convinced that fewer are training behind the house or in the basement and that translates into thousands and thousands of swing, reps, and I think it hurts many borderline players; especially those still waiting to grow into their big boy bodies.

Superior skills can be translated into more time on the lineup and since time is that one entity that you cannot replace, this either works for or against the player.

Players Never Get Enough Swings

Here’s some simple baseball math.
2 hour practice with one hours only for hitting. Divide that 60 minutes of perfect pitches and unlimited baseballs and 12 players just got 5 minutes to swing a bat.

Ok. How do you get good. How do you even improve with that little experience swinging it?

Baseball Training Equipment For Teams

I see more baseball stations on more age levels than I used to and that’s a great improvement. But I will guarantee you that guys still stand around too much and that translates to bad juju in my humble opinion. 

  • Got A Tee Station
  • Got A Toss Station
  • Got An Underload Station
  • Got An Overload Station
  • Got a Resistance Band Station
  • Got A Quick Hands Station
    … and on and on.

    Teach a player to fish & he will become a better fisherman while you’re teaching other players.

    coach john peter also known as jp from baseball tips

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