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Baseball Screens | Softball Screens

Baseball Screens & Softball Screens

Our Baseball Screens & Softball Screens are offered in 3 distinct categories:

Our Good Screens
are available in all common shapes net configurations from baseball L screens to softball screens for pitchers, throwers & hitters. Great price for backyard baseball training or as backup screens that are used less frequently.

Our Better Screens are perfect for any team and at prices that compete with some of the junk that’s all over the market.

Our Best Screens are pro screens featuring heavier, larger frames (mostly based on an oversized 8′ x 8′ frame). They are light, considering their build strength & larger size. Higher quality wheel kits are included with most.

My summary is to select based on budget and the shape that fits your most common daily-use needs. Padding, color or bells n whistles are nice but will not improve your hitters and going cheap is like buying cheap catchers gear; it will work, right up until the moment of contact.

I hope this has helped you.
Call if you are still unsure.

coach JP with l screen

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