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Baseball Soft Toss Machines & Softball Soft Toss Machines


Players Do Not Swing Enough!
All of our soft toss pitching machines will allow a solo batter the ability to take countless quality swings in a small area. And for that, I’m a fan.

Not every budding ballplayer has a backyard batting cage and not everyone has a dad or another player around after school or whenever he or she feels like taking another 50 swings and this solves the problem.

It’s more fun than a batting tee and equally important as it adds the all-important ball-tracking and weight-transfer that breeds the explosive swing.

Add any of our sock nets and you’ve got yourself a backyard or at-the-park team practice batting station!

Time is the one thing you can never get back.

Remember, when you are not learning and doing, your competition is. Go Get em!

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