Iron Mike Pitching Machines

Iron Mike Pitching Machines From Master Pitching Machine

Iron Mike Pitching Machines were invented in the USA in 1957 and are still being made here and is still a family business using the name Master Pitching Machines or Master Pitch.

Each of the 4 models performs like clockwork with so little maintenance that I don’t even suggest heavy users buy spare parts (unless being shipped overseas).
A once a year greasing and a frequent visual check and it’s really just plug and play.

All Iron Mikes can be set up for baseball or fastpitch softball and the C 82 trainer model being great for slowpitch softball too. They all throw leather and dimple balls well and all include some form of auto ball feeder system (a real advantage over most wheel type pitching machines.

Have a look at which model fits your needs and your budget and give us a call with any questions you may have. We know & have used Iron Mike Pitching Machines and have worked with The Master Pitching Machines company for over 15 years 


Call. We are here to help you!

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