Baseball Field Rakes, Tools & Irrigation

Baseball Field Rakes Field Maintenance Tools & Irrigation

Baseball field rakes & field maintenance tools take brutal abuse. Sometimes I feel that we don’t buy the right sizes and shapes for the tasks at hand. Since all or most have lightweight aluminum frames and heads, they all do fail eventually. For this reason, an affordable tool in the size and shape that fits your daily tasks are your best purchases.

How wide are your baselines should give you at least one tool that you know you will use constantly. If you use the 24″ heads, they are good for many other smaller areas of your infield skin and perhaps in from of dugouts or home plate walk-ups. A full dirt infield is another breed and you will want to cover as much ground (literally) as possible.

All eventually fail so prices like the models we carry will work out well for any ballclub.

The other major consideration is the head. I prefer spending a bit more on those models that are reversible whether the B-side has a different length of tines or a flat blade shape… all are extra useful and will keep you from buying even more products.

Both points above can be applied to any baseball hand tool that you find yourself using often.

We have added some misc. pieces that you may find useful to this category, so don’t get too excited shopping in the wonderful world of baseball field rakes.

At the very least, I hope you will be a better consumer by not buying cheap throwaways and certainly not overpaying for what will ultimately be related anyway.

Have a great season!

coach Jp In syracuse AAA park

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